Everything you need to know about visiting Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island, Florida! Basically, the most incredible and secluded beach this state has to offer. Beautiful seashells blanket the beach, streets are lined with pastel ice cream shops and vibrant birds fill the skies. From Orlando, Sanibel Island is about a three hour drive; But is defiantly worth it!

The drive to Sanibel Island takes you through several small historic districts and State Parks. We ended up stopping at Paynes Creek State Park on the way! A $3 entry fee gets you into the park. Head straight to the visitor center and check out an old fort site! There are plenty of hiking trails and campsites here too, if you are up for the trek! (They are dog friendly too)


Finally making it to the bridge that connects you to Sanibel Island, it is $6 to cross the bridge. We took a sharp left on Periwinkle drive (adorable I know!!) and parked our car in one of the first spots we found. Parking will cost you around $10 for the day. From your parking spot, you can either walk or rent a bike into town.

Everything, included the Nature Preserve in Sanibel Island is dog friendly. Every shop, eatery and beach is dog friendly. If your dog is stressed by other dogs or lots of people, there are plenty of secluded beaches were your dogs can play too. Just make sure to keep them on a leash.


Just a short walk from our car, we stripped off our shoes and headed onto the beach. We stood in awe of this incredible landscape. The white sand beaches stretched for miles and the sand was scattered with shells.


Our pup Tinsel loved playing in the water! She does not know how to swim well, but she sure loves splashing around! We walked along the beach for a few hours and only ran into a handful of people. I shoved as many shells as possible into my pockets and rinsed my feet off in the warm Gulf water.


If you are planning on making this trip with your pup, spouse or friends make sure to bring plenty of towels and bottles of water! We drove around the island for another hour, stopping toΒ  view the light house and small shops, so make sure to Β plan out your day for exploring or spend the weekend discouvering all this island has to offer!

If my husband and I were to visit again, I would rent a small beach cottage to spend the night. Prices for beach cottages can be expensive during Spring Break and summer, but would be well worth the price. Make sure if you are visiting over night or just for the afternoon, to bring your own food and drinks onto the beach. Prices can be very expensive on the island. Sanibel Island is surely worth the drive and makes the perfect weekend getaway or day trip.

Have you ever made a trip to Sanibel before? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! Thank you as always for reading! Be sure to check out our instagram page for more beachy inspiration 🏝


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