Travel Tuesday : High Falls State Park, Georgia

Florida is weird. Florida is just one long road trip in and out of the state. You have to pass through Georgia basically to get anywhere out of the state. A six hour drive will take you to High Fall State Park, basically a road side short hike. Take the ramp directly off of the highway and follow it straight down until it turns into a dirt road. Follow it further and you will pass over a large ravine. Parking will cost you $10 for the day; trust me it’s worth it.

Side note here – The entire park is dog friendly! This is definitely one of Tinsel’s favorite parks (you can’t tell by this photo…but it is!), where she can step right into the shallow creek and can splash around. There are not many people on this trail, so do not worry too much about running into other dogs or people.


Park and start walking towards the State Park Check in Booth, Cross the road and head straight to the left to the red stairs.


During the summer seasons or during a drought you can walk onto the rocks and dip your feet into the cool water. Further still down the red stairway will be a short loop hike. Follow it all the way around and you pass through high bluffs, creeks and giant oak trees. During the fall you can take the stairs to an overlook; take in the scene of flowing water and giant colorful trees. This park is so quiet; we have never really run into anyone else here.


Back at the Check in Booth, there is a playground, camp ground and picnic tables for you to enjoy a packed lunch. We never really have packed lunch here, but you can! The reason for this (don’t laugh) there is the MOST INCREDIBLE Wendy’s that has ever existed. Wendy’s is a fast food joint with burgers, shakes and fries. But this Wendy’s for some reason is just extra fabulous. Burgers and fries are made completely fresh. With the most incredible service! Each time we leave Florida, we always stop here. It is a family run Wendy’s and it is a gem. Also just about five minutes away from High Falls State Park, it makes the perfect pit stop on any road trip! Have you visited this park? (Or this Wendy’s??) Let me know below! I would love to see your adventures!

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