Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Kayaking Shingle Creek, Florida

A suggestion from a friend led us to kayaking Shingle Creek two weekends ago in June. Off of Highway 192 in Kissimmee is a small kayak rental shack called The Paddling Center. ($13 for a single Kayak/$16 for a tandem kayak – for two hours). You will have to reserve your kayak eight hours in advance; but they are pretty easy going and will allow you to call in less time and reserve if they have a kayak available.

(they allow you to sign all of your waivers via email before hand – this saves A LOT of time)

Right off of Highway 192 you will find the entrance. Enter the park and travel down a steep hill and into a dirt parking lot. Parking is limited. After you check in at the wooden shack, the team will lead you down to the beach and push you off into the water. At the time that we were there, the second route was closed due to too strong of a current, so they told us to head straight under the bridge towards the first route.


Head straight underneath the Highway 192 Bridge (there was a lot of homeless people under the bridge, which was kind of off-setting) and paddle upstream. The water was murky and there was not much wild life; I am amusing due to the proximity of the bustling city. We paddled for about 30 minutes upstream before we hit the “turn around here, No Entry” signs. That was it. We let the current take us back to the launch point, drifting slowly. We still did not see any wildlife. Overall the adventure took us about 45 minutes and was actually disappointing for what we paid.


The Paddling Center also offers bike rentals if you are in for that as well! I defiantly would call ahead first to see if all of the kayaking trails are open before spending the money. Even an inexperienced person on a kayak would not be able to fill two hours worth of time. My husband and I will be back to try out the second route eventually this summer, but we will call ahead to see!

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