Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : The Florida Cactus Company in Apopka, Florida

This Place. Is A. Gem.


Open from 7:00am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday is the Florida Cactus Company in Apopka Florida. 17 large green houses, filled to the brim with cacti. Beautifully colored succulents, cacti taller than myself go on for miles it seems in these green houses.

Come here to spend a few hours, but be aware that it is HOT (REAL REAL HOT). They do not have a cafe or vending machines for drinks, make sure to pick something up on your way in. You’ll thank me later.

Start off by stepping into their main lobby just right of the parking lot. The lovely ladies there will hand you a map of the greenhouses, a measuring tape (plants are priced by the pot size) and a card board box. Each greenhouse is completely different. Start off on the first greenhouse adjacent from the lobby and make your way around their property. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with your choices!


These cute smaller succulents and cacti will cost you about $1.50 per plant but the larger plants will cost you around $5. But be warned – it was VERY easy to spend $50 here. My husband and I made our way through each green house picking up as many as possible in our box. There are so many unique, beautiful colors it was hard not to take them all home! We spent at least three hours at this farm, wandering through their greenhouses.


(I really think my husband – to the left – had more fun than I did)

Surprisingly – the company does not sell ANY pots or dirt for their plants. They just sell the plants directly in bulk. You will need to stop at Michael’s (yes the best place to find terrarium items!) or Home Depot for pots on the way home.

The Florida Cactus Company also ships bulk cacti for events such as weddings, baby showers etc. The farm sits about 45 minutes away from Orlando. If you do find yourself off during the weekday be sure to give them a visit!

I filled up our small cardboard box to the brim with beautiful plants (I spent around $40) and cannot wait to put them into a terrarium at home!


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