Travel Tuesday : A weekend in Washington, D.C.  

Me? I am an over planner. I am an over achiever. I have unrealistic expectations. And my husband deals with the consequences frequently.

What I wanted? To see all of D.C in three days. Museums, parks, downtown, Ambassador Row and a short visit with some friends. We were unable to get extra time off from work, so we had to make due with three days.

Our flight left the airport around 6:30AM. We had just packed a small suit case and a backpack carry-on (so we didn’t have to pay for extra baggage). We checked into the W. Downtown around 9:30AM, threw our bags into our room and headed out.

We started off walking around down town and made an appointment to tour Lincoln’s theatre for 11:30AM. Stopping off for snacks and sightseeing the city.

 My passion will always be out in the woods with no cell phone signal; but all of that city noise holds a special place in my heart. I grew up near Tampa, Florida and have always loved the sounds and smells of a big city. Cars honking, dogs barking and the smell of street food makes my heart skip a beat. Sorounded by small cafes, I was right at home here.

The Lincoln Theatre tour is a MUST SEE while you are here. You start the tour walking through a normal museum, seeing artifiacts and old photos. Then the tour moves you across the street to visit the home where Lincoln passed away. This moved me (I’m a HUGE fan of President Lincoln if you can’t tell). $12 a person for the tour, but take my advice, is a must see!

Off to our next stop – we visited Washington’s National Cathedral. We had a few mishaps getting there. We took an uber up to George Town, our uber dropped us at the door of the cathedral. Follow the path here, to the back of the cathedral and head through the brick passageway. Here you can find the Washington’s National Cathedral Secret Garden.

(Our mistake – we decided to save money and not take an uber back to town) We started walking towards George Town University, kept walking passed all of the houses on Ambassador row and continues further still towards Arlington Park (to be picked up by our friends for dinner). We made it to Arlington Park by 5:45PM, 15 minutes before they closed and we decided to hold off on seeing the site until the next day.

Our friends picked up and we headed to Bon Chon for dinner. Never had Bon Chon? Book your flights, get to D.C. Just stop what you are doing and go for Pete’s Sake. It’s a fried chicken/Japanese delight. A little on the pricey side; but sooo worth it. They serve of juicy fried chicken with a spicy sweet and sour sauce – and it’s INCREDIBLE.

Next up. Duck Doughnuts for desert. Cake doughnuts covered with your choice of toppings (currently day dreaming about them). Try the cake doughnut, lemon icing covered in coconut. Ohh! Or cake doughnut covered in dark chocolate and bacon! Omg. Stop. Alright. Let’s move on.

(we walked 12 miles today. Trekking all the way from Downtown D.C. to Arlington Park. I have literally never slept so hard in my life and I deserved these doughnuts)

The next day my best friend Patrick picked us up bright and early. First up – The National Zoo. We got their at open and did not have to pay for parking (slow seasons are always free parking). Getting their early we also got to see all of the animals being fed.

Here’s a picture of me and my new friend!

We then hit up Arlington Park, stopped for noodles and started off again. After lunch we hit up most of the Art Museums, the Natural History Museum (my favorite – of course) and walk alllllll the way back to our hotel for a nap. Hitting up Five Guys Burgers for dinner downtown, we then started walking towards all of the monuments. The monuments are beautiful during the day, but they are even better at night!



(this day we walked another 16 miles…..)

Our very last morning in Washington D.C we wanted to see a few more museums before our flight took off at 11:00AM. Just around the corner from our hotel sits this quaint cafe called the Corner Bakery Cafe, we stopped in for chocolate muffins and coffee before we went on our way. Make sure to stop here if you have the time! All of their treats are handmade and freshly baked every morning. The cafe’s chocolate muffins are to die for! There is no photo of my muffin….it was all a blur…

My husband and I walked for a while more, stopping at the Aviation Museum and a few more Art Museums. Make sure to check the D.C area for different exhibits before you come! They have several different exhibits throughout the year, that you will need to make a reservation for several weeks in advance.

In total we walked a little over 34 miles in three days. My feet maybe sore, but this was one of the best vacations we have taken this year!


My advice for next time?

  • Wear tennis shoes and be comfortable, you will be walking A LOT (boots are cute, but they do nothing for your feet).
  • Always try to book your tickets in advance! You can purchase and pre-print all of your tickets far in advance of your trip. Most places REQUIRE a reservation (like the National Treasury and the White House). Print everything out before hand, put it in a folder and bring it with you everywhere
  • Spring is beautiful but the crowds are not. If you are going to see the cherry blossoms then visit in the spring, if you are traveling to see the sights travel in the off season in the winter
  • Hotel prices are also a lot cheaper in winter! We were able to stay a five star hotel, The W for less than $150 a night

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