DIY : Modern indoor Bunny Cage 

My very first DIY post! Here we go!

I have been obsessed with the idea of creating a beautiful indoor house for our bun bun for months! Seeing these beautiful DIY hutches all over Pinterest, I really NEEDED to try this DIY for myself! Basically you take a piece of furniture, enclose the cabinet with chicken wire and POOF; a beautiful home for your bun that fits into your home decor.

I’ve been searching for cabinets the past few months and I finally stumbled upon a KALAX IKEA shelf on sale for $50 last weekend!

Yesterday I picked up up the finally supplies to put together the final look!

– chicken wire (I ended swapping the cheaper hexagon pattern for more expensive small square pattern later on – it was easier to install and gave us a cleaner look)

– small hinges to create the door

– waterproof pull’n stick cabinet liner to cover the inside of the cabinet. Invest in the best waterproof liner to keep your IKEA cabint from soaking up any water

– some smaller hardware: small washers, screws and a door latch

– basic tools like my drill and staple gun

Start off here by creating the basic rectangular shape: Bottom, Top and Sides. Don’t install anything just yet, just get a basic idea of how you’d like the cabinet to look. With our six by two cubed KALAX shelf, we decided to keep two small cubes on the side for storage and another cube on the right to give him a small loft.

(Excuse the mess here – there was a lot of “WHERE DID THAT SCREW GO?” As I’m dumping my tool bag all over the living room floor)

NEXT UP – The most satisfying part – installing the adhesive cabinet liner. We pulled one continuous peice from end to end and trimmed the edges. There are so many options for liners to choose from; from beautiful white marble, maple wood grain and just black (our choice). Spend the money and invest in a good liner; BUNS ARE SO MESSY it makes the cage so much easier to maintain.

I then installed four small hinges and a door knob, to create a small door in the front of the cage. Don’t be afraid to re-work all of the peices that came with the cabinet! We fashioned a door out of one side panel! We also used some of the IKEA wood pegs to create a small door stop, to keep the door from swinging backward into the cage.

FINALLY – the last bit! We installed the chicken wire to enclose the cage. Take my advice, lay the cabinet flat on its back to install the chicken wire, this will help keep everything lined up and even. Use the screws and washers to install the chicken wire panels into place and clip the extra with metal clippers.

Overal it took us a little under six hours over the weekend to build our buns new home! But I am so happy with the results! Next weekend we will work on picking up storage and possibly make him a new bed to match!

Just a little note here on the size – our Bun does not spend all day or year in his inside house. He also has a 7ft by 4ft bun-patio space filled with sandboxes, tunnels, grass pallets and toys. During the warmer months he spends 80% of his time loose inside our kitchen.

Storms can get scary quickly in Florida and summers can be brutal, so we use this inside house as a safe place to put him during bad weather or emergencies.

Here’s a picture of myself and our other little rescued kid Buddy the Bunny 🐰❤️ (he secretly hates us, but we adore him)

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