DIY : Simple Beach Terrarium


Let’s do a little background here. I’ve held an administrative role with my company for a little over nine years and I’ve had the pleasure to work with incredible administrative ladies (who are basically superheros). SO this weekend, along with building my DIY IKEA hacked Bunny Cage, I wanted to create something special to show some appreciation for one of my coworkers.

I saw this DIY on Pinterest a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a go, a DIY Beach Terrarium. What’s better than sitting at your desk, swamped with work and taking a look over and pretending to be somewhere else for  awhile? Terrariums are one of my favorite crafts, you really can use your imagination when creating a scene! You can create a small fairy garden, a Jurassic Park adventure, a beach scene or a small floral garden. Terrariums are quite easy to make too! You’ll layer moss/rocks/dirt, adding in plants and decor to create the perfect landscape.

Let’s start off with a supply list!

  • Pick up a beautiful glass dish (I used an old fish tank bowel from home). You can pick up some beautiful glass bowls or vases from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s!
  • Sand (yellow, natural or white). Pick up cheap white play sand from Toys R Us or Walmart
  • Rocks. Dollar tree ALWAYS has the best selection of rocks
  • Air Plants. Pick these guys up from Home Depot garden section. They come about $5 per two pack. Air plants are the best option for this project, they will thrive in the sandy environment and require virtually no effort
  • And the very best part, DECOR! I picked up a pastel beach chair and white fencing from Hobby Lobby

Overall I spent around $20-$30 on supplies (using coupons OF COURSE)

First up – Adding in the sand. For this size of terrarium glass bowl I used just under four cups of natural colored sand, about two inches deep.


Add your plants! Push them a little deeper into the sand to allow them to have a better grasp.

Next up – Adding decor! I started off by inserting the white fence around the plants. Then adding rocks and the pastel beach chair. Get creative here! This is the part where you can let your creativity run! Do you picture yours with dark green cacti and dinosaurs? Or maybe a sandy desert with cacti and camels? Or do you see yourself siting on a secluded beach?


Here’s the final look! Simple, but perfect! Have you ever made a destination terrarium before? I’d love to hear about some of your favorite terrarium theme ideas!

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