Life Hack : A Beginners Guide to Keeping Up Your First Home

Let’s talk about something real here. Chores. Everyone has them. Everyone hates them. Living with my husband the past five years has taught me a few things; routines are the BEST way to a clean home and spending a short time cleaning once a day is a WHOLE LOT better than ruining your entire weekend.

Currently my husband and I are living in a 900 square foot, one bedroom apartment with our 70 pound dog and our rabbit. We do not have much room; so small messes always become big messes. After a few years of trial and error, we have finally gotten on a good routine of keeping up our home and I hope it helps you too!

Our routine starts at night, by pre-making a pot of coffee (of course).

The next morning, we wake up around 5:30am take Tinsel for a two mile loop around the neighborhood, getting back to our home around 6:15am (about 30-45 minute walk time). Taking Tinsel on a nice, long walk in the morning really tires her out and let’s her sleep peacefully all day while we are at work.


After we get home, we spend the next 15 to 20 minutes cleaning up while our coffee is still brewing.

Living Room.jpg

15 to 20 minutes every morning! That’s all it takes to keep our apartment in tip top shape. Not to brag here, but my husband and I are excellent at “dividing and conquering.” We are the quintessential tag team. My husband always tackles the kitchen and laundry, he starts a load of laundry first and then is able to flop it by the time we are ready to leave for work. While he’s waiting for the laundry, he conquers the kitchen, putting clean dishes away and washing anything that needs to be cleaned.

Myself, on the other hand, I have several smaller tasks to tackle in the morning. I feed Tinsel, water the plants, pick up the living room and feed our bun (Didn’t know we had a little rabbit fluff? Check him out here!). I then do a quick walk through of our apartment, picking up any items and putting them away; Tinsel’s toys, random socks etc. And lastly I wipe down each hard surface (living room tables, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom) with a disinfectant wipe. After all of this I start the shower for my husband, while that’s heating up, we make the bed together.

Dinning Room

After showering, my husband starts to pack our lunches for the day, start cooking us breakfast and prepping our dinner; all while I am STILL getting dressed

(I know I am one lucky girl).

Let me tell you – coming home after a nine hour shift having our apartment pristine is relieving. I am then able to go to the gym while my husband cooks dinner and not have the overwhelming stress of “too much to do, too little time.” Take the 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and just clean up your home. Honestly, I still have to run a load of towels, vacuum and dust on the weekends; but it honestly takes me a quarter of the time if our home is already pretty clean.

Do you have any tips on keeping up your home? I’d love to hear some below!

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4 thoughts on “Life Hack : A Beginners Guide to Keeping Up Your First Home

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