Life Hack : Savvy Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room in a Afternoon

Let me preface this with the fact that I live in a very very small apartment. Just under 900 square feet; my husband, dog and rabbit live in a small condo just south of historic downtown Orlando. What I’m saying is I’m an organizing wizard, but with such a small space, small messes become HUGE problems.

We got lucky with our condo, in the fact that we have our very own laundry room. While it’s great that we can do our laundry while watching Netflix, it’s also a clutter collector. This weekend I wanted to tackle the challenge. I needed to create more storage space, clean the dust bunnies and make the space easier to use. I also have an incredible husband that does the laundry each week; but loves to not fold a single item (he just rolls everything into a ball and SHOVES the towels, sheets and blankets into small crevices in the laundry room – real cute) Even further still, we were “blessed” with the SMALLEST linen closet to exist on earth. The closet opens half way, with a bi-fold door and the shelving is less than 6 inches deep. This holds approximately one single towel.

I needed solutions.

I started off by hitting up my favorite organization stores – IKEA, Target and the Dollar Tree.

Here’s my shopping list:

  • An over the door rack with hooks $5
  • An over the door, flat shoe rack $5
  • Two large bins $6 each
  • An extra wood shelf from the as-is section $4
  • I also hit up the Dollar Tree for about five small baskets $5
  • This BEAUTIFUL weaved basket from Target too – a splurge for $14

I got home with my treasures and began to pull everything out of the laundry room. I mopped the floors, pushed the dryer back into place and dusted all of the shelves.

To make it easier for my husband to “fold” wash – I placed two large bins on the top rack above the washer. One for sheets and one for our re-usable grocery bags. This would allow him to use his……. “Ball Up” technique and just throw the sheets/blankets into the basket instead of having to fold anything. It also allows us to keep our re-usable bags in order. I placed the basket from Target on the floor in our bathroom; I rolled each towel and placed it in the basket for storage (allowing us to save some space in our Laundry Room).  We did just re-organize our bathroom too! (I’ll be posting that next! Stay Tuned)


We are renting our condo and unable to change out the shelving in the laundry room, so we placed the IKEA as-is shelf on top of the wire shelf; allowing us to store jars of soap and smaller items. I filled up an old glass drink dispenser I picked up from a Good Will trip and filled it with liquid fabric softener and used an old large jar to store our soap pods. It gave it a nice classy touch and is SO much easier to use!

For the small un-usable linen closet – I placed all of the small dollar tree baskets. This will hold all of our first aid kits, wash cloths, hand towels, tools and our beach gear. I might spray paint these baskets gold later to make it look even nicer!


Next up – I placed the over the door coat rack on the back of our laundry room door and hung the shoe rack on it. I then placed all of our chemicals and spray paints in the shoe holes. NICE AND ORGANIZED!


I might actually want to help out with the laundry now that our Laundry Room looks this nice (I SAID MIGHT)


Extra Tip– this simple DIY for making your Laundry Room just a bit more cute. I added stripes and polka dots to my washer and dryer with electrical tape #adorbs

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