(One) of my most embarrassing stories – I cannot believe I’m writing this.

From a peer suggestion, I was told to write about this EXACT story I tell at parties. You know, about that time I was bald…

I am a curly headed brunette. UN-managed, I have frizzy, brown, thick curly hair. I was repeatedly made fun of as a kid, harassed over my curly fro. With my first $10 I made with a summer job, I decided it was time for some change…honestly what could go wrong?


Everyone has their “experimental” phase? Your sixteen, dying your hair purple or shaving your head in rebellion. Me? I was purchasing a $10 ethnic hair relaxing kit, to try and ease my curls into submission. As you’re reading this, I’m suuuure you know where this is going, but stay with me here, it gets a lot worse.

I was sixteen and I didn’t need instructions. I pulled out each labeled jar and just PLOPPED it all onto my head, massaged it into my scalp and tied my hair up in a tight bun. Who honestly really reads the instructions?

I waited two hours for it to set in, that’s whenthe burning started.

I decided to try and wash it out. They give you this tiny little bottle of shampoo? Like honestly this was supposed to get all this gunk out of my hair?

I thought I was smart. I thought I was smug. I thought I knew everything.

So I put my naked butt right into a warm bath, to try and “soak” all of the gunk out my hair. Turns out getting into a warm bath filled with chemicals, will leave you chemical burns….everywhere.

The chemical didn’t come out, but my hair sure did. I started brushing my hair and pulling out clumps of chemical and scalp. I was bald in most spots for months and also covered in a beautiful layer of chemical burns. This time in my life was know as my “hat” phase and the “avoiding mirrors at all costs” phase.

But you know what? For what was actually left of my hair, it was actually pretty straight. I call this one a success (for the most part) (I’m totally kidding).

But at least now everyone will have a good solid laugh. Sometimes it’s good to have a good laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously.

Here’s a picture of myself. Just so you know – my hair did….eventually grow back.


I’m going to categorize this under “Advice.” I feel like this is the best place for it now. What’s your most embarrassing story? Has this ever happened to you? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE FOR YOUR HAIR TO GROW BACK? The world must know 🙂


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  1. I can’t explain in words how hilarious this story is. This story truly made my day and possible my whole week. I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt. This post is a great example why Chelsie is so awesome!!! Not only is she crafty and creative, but is full of laughs and has some great stories that she shares unabashedly when others would be reluctant. It takes great security and confidence in oneself to put yourself out there, and I admire Chelsie for it!!! Don’t ever change, continue to be great and continue to share those hilarious stories that remind us all to just have a good laugh, which is good for the soul!


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