Healthy Living : 10 Things I Just CANNOT live without

Just to pre-face this – this is not in numerical order at all. I do have an addiction to Starbucks, but I’m working on it. OK?

  1. My go-to Starbucks drink: a venti iced green tea latte with skim milk, two packs of stevia and very very light ice. I get this each morning on the way to work and I’m pretty sure this is why my pants hate me.
  2. Speaking of Matcha. My beta fish, Matcha. He keeps me company while I’m cooped up in my office. I’ve almost killed him twice, but he forgave me for it. He’s a real champ.
  3. My best bud, Tinsel the Dog. I’m pretty sure this goes without saying.
  4. I guess my husband is alright too (I feel like I’m obligated to put him on this list, because he will eventually be reading this too). PLUS he bakes me the BEST chocolate chip pity-cookies – the kind you get when you are filled to the brim with pity and want your pants to hate you EVEN more.
  5. Microsoft Excel. Something is soooo satisfying about creating a perfect, color coded budget sheet. I guess it’s the admin in me, but I seriously love me some Excel.
  6. Yoga pants. What else do I have to say about this? Everyone loves them. If you don’t, then we probably aren’t friends.
  7. Spin class. Currently I have the BEST instructor and hit up my favorite spin class three to four times a week. Burning close to 500 calories per class, it makes me sleep like a baby. Plus it’s the best way to relieve some stress after work.
  8. My job (duh). My full time job (besides writing) is an easy desk job, 8:00am-5:00pm with some pretty incredible friends. I’ve worked for my company for almost ten years and I’m in love with it. It’s easy, it’s laid back, I get a 25% discount at Starbucks and I enjoy every single minute of it.
  9. Arts & Crafts. I am the host of all of the “Fun Group” activities for my department of 800 people. I normally host 3-4 events each week to include things like an Adult Coloring Club, Craft’N Lunch and even a Knit Wits Club. I love teaching my peers and sharing my love for crafts. Even though I have gotten in trouble, countless times, for spilling paint on the conference room floors….. #sorrynotsorry #worthit
  10. Long, hot Showers. It’s where my best, funniest articles come from. I’ve also just discovered this “Shower Wine Glass Holder.” Why, honestly, would I ever leave?

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