Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : The Orlando Science Center Adult Night

Let me loop you in here – The Orlando Science Center every other month is hosting a “Adult Night.” Tickets are $15.95 and just include admission and parking at the science center. There’s drinking, there’s science and there are no kids. I was literally HOOKED on this idea.

You can see more info here.


If you are going to visit, you will need to have your tickets printed out or have the PDF version open on your phone. Tickets will be checked twice before entering the building.

Lines start around 7:15pm , so we were lucky we got there early.

They let us in early around 7:30pm and handed us a schedule of events for the night. To include: three IMAX theater shows, Dr.Dare’s Science Show (couples answering science related questions for prizes) and they even had several exotic animals out with their handlers to answer questions.

We had an incredible first two hours. We met a cute, six month old skunk who sneezed on us. We watched a “Deep Ocean” IMAX theater presentation. We visited each section of the museum. It was actually really fun!

Around 9:30pm is when the problems started. There was 150+ people now, pilling into the museum, as we walked we were bumping into people. The OSC was STUFFED full of drunk, sweaty people.

There were three catering booths set up, one on each floor. They served small BBQ sliders, cheesecake on a stick and lots of alcohol (Which will set you back about $7 per drink). The lines were close to 45 minutes long and the crowds were UNBEARABLE.

My husband and I actually ended up leaving a little before 10:00pm, being shoved into a small museum with drunk people is just not our thing.

If I were going out with a group of people, maybe the event would have been more fun. But overall, it was ungodly expensive and not worth it at all. The OSC will be hosting the same event again in October, if you are still interested in going! But I strongly advice against it. Save your money!


Bonus TIP: If you are interested in visiting the Orlando Science Center or any of the local museums, be sure to stop in the first weekend of every month. For Bank of America Card Holders, Admission to all of the local Art Museums and the Science Center is Free!

You can see Bank of America’s updated list of free museums here!


Have you ever visited the Orlando Science Center or any of our INCREDIBLE art museums?

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