Life Hack : Four Ways to Keep Your Dog BUSY!

We have a 70+ pound Pit-bull mix named Tinsel. Pit-bull type dogs are incredibly smart and keeping them entertained during the day can be quite the challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks on how I keep Tinsel busy either while I am at work or if I am at home working on here 🙂

The “Easter Egg Hunt”

  • 24 or more cheap plastic Easter eggs (pick these up from the Dollar Tree)
  • Her normal dog food crunchies, treats or carrots

This one is easy and will keep her occupied for about two hours. I pin Tinsel in the kitchen or on the patio for a few minutes while I am prepping the game (because she likes to peek). I fill each egg with a treat or her regular meal crunchies; I put one or two pieces per egg. Then I hide them throughout the house! Tinsel is extremely smart; so I actually have to REALLY hide these. I hide them under the bed covers, in shoes, underneath her bed or under the sofas in the living room. I then release her and watch her find them!

If this is the first time you are playing with your pup; make sure you are watching them! Tinsel is an expert at popping open eggs, taking a treat and leaving the egg. Some dogs might choke on the egg!

“The Muffin Tin”

  • A muffin tin (duh)
  • Treats, crunchies or carrots
  • Tennis balls

This one is a little more hands-on, but still a fun bonding game to play with your pup. Fill the muffin tin with treats and place the tennis balls on top the holes. Your pup now has to figure out how to get the tennis balls out in order to get their treats. If your dog is like mine, within minutes she will figure out to just pick up the muffin tin and dump it….. (Make sure to hold it down)



  • Kongs (the plastic hollow toys you can pick up from any pet store)
  • Organic peanut butter or spray cheese (be careful with chemicals in your peanut butter)
  • Crunchies, treats or frozen veggies

We have two Kongs that Tinsel plays with while we are at work. Before leaving work for the day, we fill each Kong with a special treat (sometimes sneaking her medicine in with it). We place a Kong in our bedroom and another in the living room. This will keep her entertained for a few hours while you are away! If you are looking for an outside summer treat; fill the Kong with organic low sodium chicken broth and veggies then pop it into the freezer. A frozen veggie Kong makes the perfect summer treat!

“Hide and Seek”

  • You
  • Your Pup
  • Treats or veggies (if your dog is weirdo like ours and will do ANYTHING you ask for a carrot)

Easy game to play with your pup that also helps train the “sit and stay.” Put your dog in a sit/stay position in another room. Then ask her to hold it while your walk into another room to hide with carrots. If your dog is like mine, she will get bored instantly, unless you actually hide in the house. Try behind sofas, under the bed or in the closet (really get creative!). Sometimes I like to jump out and spook her too and she loves to chase me around the house!

Any game you play with your dog is a bonding experience! You can also pick up several pre-made dog board games at your local pet store. Here are some of my favorites!

Let me know what games you play with your pups below! I would love to hear all about you and your fur kids!


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One thought on “Life Hack : Four Ways to Keep Your Dog BUSY!

  1. […] THIRD: Mental stimulation. Sometimes…..she gets on my nerves. She wants to cuddle constantly when I’m trying to work and well….I love her but…IT GETS OLD. So I’ve come up with games she can play on her own. This way she’s happy/busy and I don’t feel so guilty about not paying her enough attention. You can see all of my DIY Puppy Games here. […]


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