• Always Be Prepared •

As hurricane Irma reaches a category 5 storm and inches her way closer and closer to Florida, panic is finally setting in. To put some minds at ease I have prepared just a short list of items you should have or need to pick up/prepare before the storm hits. 

{side note – Living in Florida, you should ALWAYS be prepared for a bad storm. Please use this list to prepare yourself and ALWAYS have a hurricane prep kit for hurricane season}

  1. Always have a go-bag for each member of your family, even the four legged friends. Go-bags should include clothes, medications, food and drinks. Have a general kit too: batteries, flash lights, first aid, candles. 
  2. Re-useable jugs of water. Re-fill or replace these once a year. You should have two to three gallons per person/pet in your household. But more is always better. 
  3. Fill up your bath tub. Fill up your bath tub with water. If you run out of water you can use a Brita filter pitcher to sanitize the water for drinking. After filtering the water, you can make Koolaid 😏
  4. Canned soups, dry goods. I STRESS EAT (honestly who doesn’t). I pick up a lot of my favorite snacks to ride out the storm. Clean out your fridge of all perishable items. You can also pick up bags of ice to keep items cool if needed. 
  5. Bring in all plants, patio furniture and outdoor toys. In case of heavy winds, these items will be used as projectiles and could bust through a window. Also seal all of your windows in your home with cardboard, wood and tape. 
  6. Paperwork. In case of evacuation, always pull important documentation and place it in a guardians go-bag. This will include social security cards, marriage certificates, drivers licenses and animal vacations etc. 
  7. Wash and dry all your towels the week before. These can be used in case of a water leak or flooding. 
  8. Find somewhere safe to park your car. Wether parking your car in a local garage or in your personal garage. Make sure to protect your car in case you need to leave in an emergency 
  9. Speaking of cars, fill your car up with gas. Gas prices will sky rocket after the hurricane passes and A full tank will get you out of the state if you need to evacuate 
  10. Board games. If you are riding out the storm with childern or even pets, make sure to keep the situation calm. Playing board games or watching movies (if you have power). To keep Tinsel calm we normally fill several Kong Toys filled with treats to keep her occupied 

Please stay safe and always think before you act! Hurricanes are not something to take lightly. Please remember if you are riding out the storm, always find a safe place inside your home. A safe place has no windows or projectiles, like a closet or bathroom. 

Do you have any more tips or tricks on prepping or riding out a hurricane? Or is there something I missed?  I’m sure my readers and myself would love to have more advice! 


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