Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Renting bikes and exploring downtown Celebration

What’s the most important thing in a strong, long lasting relationship?

Inside Jokes 

We make memories, we make inside jokes and we always have something to talk about or laugh or butts off in bed before we go to sleep. Remember that one time, you slipped and fell in the Grand Canyon and pissed off that goat?

 I know here in Florida currently we have absolutely no weekend plans, as we are all bracing for the impact of Hurricane Irma instead. My husband and I are planning on having a quite weekend now, watching movies (if the power stays on) and munching on our hurricane snacks.

That said, let me tell you about my previous weekend (Labor Day Weekend!).

Since I KNEW this current weekend we would be stuck in our house so I really wanted to do something outdoorsy! We decided to rent bikes near Downtown Celebration in Kissimmee, Florida. Bike rentals cost us $15 per person for a two hour rental.

Do keep in mind this company has bikes for EVERYONE. They have the basic adult and child bikes, but they also rent out all attachments to bring your pup along or a wagon to pull a child. All bikes come with helmets as well.


You can check out their site here. 


Celebration Bike Rental and Sales – 700 Bloom Street Celebration, FL 34747 US

Open from 10:00AM-4:30PM and is closed on Mondays and Tuesday. 

We picked up our bikes around 2:00PM (just a thirty minute drive from our home). The staff was INCREDIBLE. They adjusted our seats, made sure we were comfortable, handed us a marked trail map and even gave us two cold waters for the trip!


The large loop around Celebration takes approximately an hour and a half at a slow pace to complete. So you can feel free to stop in the small local parks on the way or take photos of the 9 Million dollar home!! My suggestion though, make sure to map out points on google maps and allow Google to guide you. The map can be VERY hard to follow and there are minimal trail markers.

We started off on the trail and followed the paths around all of the breath taking homes and board walks.


We did get lost a few times (and yelled at each other about proper map techniques) but we still had an incredible time. So many incredible birds and giant grasshoppers on the trail, along with some pretty neat houses! Celebration Florida really takes you back to simpler times; tiny town homes, white picket fences and brick lined streets.


If you follow the bike path all the way to the “longer board walk trail” marked on the map; you’ll find exactly that. This quiet board walk shaded by large oak trees.


We finished the bike trail in a little less than two hours (even stopping for Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes on the way back) and we biked well over seven miles. A truly perfect afternoon date idea right near Orlando!

Remember that time we busted our asses on bikes and we thought we were going to die? Who’s says you “never forget how to ride a bike”? Inside jokes and torment are the foundation of our relationship. 💏


Have you ever biked Downtown Celebration in Kissimmee, Florida? Or have any other great date ideas?? I’d love to hear them below!! 👏🏻👏🏻

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