DIY : Sugar Skulls for Halloween

I cannot believe it’s been a year since our friends Lauren & Elyse got married! They are two BEAUTIFUL ladies with a TON OF PERSONALITY. These ladies decided to throw a Halloween wedding event and it was incredibly unique. (Me being me of course I wanted to help out) So they let me design their centerpieces for their reception tables! I knew we didn’t have a lot of money for the project, so my first stop was the Dollar Tree and I already knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make.


I picked up twenty plastic skulls from the Dollar Tree.  (Elyse and Lauren only needed 15 for the tables, but I knew I needed a few extra just in case I screwed them up or fell in love and wanted some for myself). You can order these online from the Dollar Tree as well, but they normally have a $50 limit and shipping will cost you!


The only last other item I needed – Cheap, white, matte spray paint from Walmart (cans are only $1 so I picked up three)

All of the other items used are left overs from other craft projects! Scrap fabric, felt, ribbons and paint pens! I set up my craft station – pulled out all of my scraps and organized them on the table.

Step #1: I painted the skulls with two, nice thick coats of white spray paint will do it. Let them dry! DO NOT BE IMPATIENT.

I do need to tell you though – taking any sort of photos as examples is terrifying. My IPhone thinks they are faces staring at the camera…… (below) 



Step #2: Set each skull aside and start getting CREATIVE.

I used black acrylic paint to color in the eye sockets on some. I drew beautiful flowers and lines with paint pens. I also used a lot of tulle and felt to create veils and flower head pieces. You can see some of my example below:


What’s your favorite Halloween DIY? Am I the only one completely OBSESSED with the dollar tree? I’d love to see how your skulls turned out below!! Or (for that matter) ANY of your DIY Halloween Decor!

Here’s the quick shopping list in case you need a refresher:

  • Plastic Skulls from the Dollar Tree
  • White Spray Paint (Walmart is ALWAYS the cheapest for $1 a can)
  • All of your scrap craft items! Tulle, felt, fabric, ribbons, tissue paper, paint pens and extra plastic floral laying around the house. Anything really that you can find!

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