Woman Crush Wednesday : An interview with Jomie

This week I had the INCREDIBLE pleasure of interviewing Jomarie Jordan, a freelance photographer and a full time mom. Jomarie and I met through her husband, Preston, at our work several several years ago (I know I’m aging us here). Jomarie and her husband have the MOST BEAUTIFUL baby Zoey and I truly do not know how she handles running her business and raising her daughter.

Jomarie is one of the most incredible, powerful woman I have ever met and I’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to interview her.



You are a freelance photographer – Tell me about your business? What does your day to day like? 

Most of my days I spend marketing myself in the area via social media. Also researching new photography locations. Some other days I learn my ways around Photoshop. I’m still a beginner so I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? Something you are proud of?

I’m super crafty. DIY is LIFE!

What inspired you to start your business?

I was doing this as a hobby, photographing family & friends when I then realized it had become a passion. So why not make a business out of something I love to do?

How do you handle having family and working full time?

It;s a little overwhelming at times because my one year old wants to be with me ALL.OF.THE.TIME. But I make it work. I do my daily mommy routines and when she naps, I get on the computer and start editing, marketing and learning ways to improve my photography skills. Once she wakes then it’s off the computer until daddy gets home so she can spend sometime with just her daddy. I make sure to make the most of my hour or two on the computer, so I can spend time with my husband, It’s really tricky but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

What’s your go-to Mom trick? How do you keep your little one busy?

The trick is music, she loves music/musicals so I play it around the house and she dances to it. SO CUTE. I let her bang the pots and pans to the music. We also go outside most days if it’s not raining because well…..we live in Florida. I fill up her little duck pull and put her in it with her beach toys or just let her run around the yard.

Have you had any set backs? If you have, how did you overcome them?

I have and I just have to work twice as hard if not harder. It’s all part of the business. You may fall but you have to get right back up!

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

In my personal life, my daughter Zoey! No doubts about it! Business, wise the trust I have built with my clients.

What would you tell other women about starting their own businesses? 

Go for it! Be a lady boss! You live one life and the biggest risk you’ll ever take is not taking a risk at all. Life is about taking chances, so do it! You want to wonder “what if”?

What woman do you inspire to be more like?

Michelle Obama! She is so graceful, intelligent, empathetic, sympathetic  etc…. she’s really such a #ladyboss. All this just makes her beautiful inside and out!

What is one of your favorite quotes? 

“Difficult roads only lead to beautiful destinations”

Jomarie and her family are so incredible. I inspire one day to be more like these women, strong, independent and FIERCE. It’s incredible how much women can handle; a full time job, kids, spouses, leading a healthy lifestyle and still being able to get enough sleep?

Let’s take a note from Jomarie and ALWAYS BE A #LADYBOSS 💪🏻

You can learn more about Jomarie and her business on Facebook

@ jomyeileenphotography

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