Woman Crush Wednesday : An interview with a World Traveler


A woman that has traveled to more than 18 countries, that has protested women’s’ rights on the front line and a future Mayor. Amanda is TRULY an inspiration to everyone around her. Amanda and I met mutually through my husband, Andrew and became quick friends (more so that I idealize her). ANYWAYS she’s beautiful, smart and one FIERCE woman.

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Now, Let’s get to it!

I know you really inspired a lot of women this past election. What really drove you to be so passionate about politics?

My Mom actually ran for mayor of Muncie, Indiana at a young age and I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps (except I would like to win). Equality is what drives me to be politically active, I refuse to be silent while minorities are marginalized.

What was your most moving protest you were involved with? Give me your best, catchy sign phrase!

I have not been able to march or protest as often as I should, but in January I was able to participate in the Women’s March on Washington and it was life changing. I did not know anyone there, so I stayed with a friend of my sister and her group adopted me in. The speeches were beautiful, the people around me were so inspiring and I am still in awe of the number of women around the world who marched with us that day. My sign read “Them Females are Strong as Hell” because I love Kimmy Schmidt and found it fitting for the march. I hope to become much more involved with local groups in Cleveland.


You recently got back to America from a pretty incredible trip. Can you give me the Cliff Notes of your trip? How many countries did you see?

About a year ago I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. I went to 18 countries in a matter of three months. My best friend Ryan was with me for most of the trip and my sister joined me briefly near the end. We started off in Sweden, moving south, with a notable stop at Oktoberfest for my birthday. We went south as far as Athens and then began curving northwest, ending in Norway. We traveled by train, plan, buss and a ferry thrown in the mix. It was far and away the most rewarding experience of my life.


What inspired you to take this trip?

I had traveled sine before this trip, but nothing over five weeks. I was single, living at home and working over 80 hours a week. I finally had the means to take time off and travel (and I had watched far too many episodes of Departed on Netflix – I highly recommend this show)If there was ever a time it was now. I planned to go solo, but my best friend decided to quit his job and come. I had the best of both worlds because he let me decide all of the destinations, but I had a friend a long for the ride!

I’m sure you’ve met a lot of inspirational people during your travels. What was the most influential? 

In 2013 I was asked to travel to Uruguay for the summer with a family I was a nanny for at the time. The child was in school there so I had most of the time to myself to explore. I went all over the region, learned the language, made friends with locals and learned to navigate my way without guidance. This trip was certainly a stepping stone. Travels molds us in ways you otherwise cannot be shaped, you learn to roll with the punches, solve problems and gain independence mound other attributes.

Tell the readers a fun fact about yourself

I get extremely home sick! I love adventures that can be done in short periods of time because I hate being away from my family and my now boyfriend. I always make a list of local places to go and things to do so that every weekend feels new and exciting even if I do not leave my city.

What’s the plan for the future? (besides being a FIERCE #ladyboss)

My plan for the future is a lofty one. I am going to return to school and obtain a doctorate in International Relations, begin running for office and add one new country to my travels each year along the way. I would love to join a not-for-profit that empowers women and young girls in underdeveloped countries, or perhaps start one myself.

Who inspires you most in the world?

I am lucky enough to have multiple people in my life who inspire me. My sister Katy, who showed me the importance of activism. My sister, Stephanie, who has shown me how to be caring, warm and endearing. My mother who taught me how to be strong and hard-working.

What would you tell young women to inspire them?

There is nothing stopping you other than yourself. I you want to see the world, make a plan, save as much as you can for just go.

Let’s end this with your favorite inspiration quote

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” J.F. Kennedy


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