Travel Tuesday : A Cabin in the mountains

My husband Andrew and I are two VERY different people. I enjoy the outdoors; hiking, kayaking; basically roughing it. Andrew on the other hand enjoys video games, his board game collection (obsession) , tacos and well that’s just about it; he’s real easy to please. For our honeymoon we knew that we wanted to celebrate each of our personalities something adventurous outside for me and something relaxing for him.

We took a little over two weeks off from work; a few days for our wedding, a week for my honeymoon and a week for his.

(Our wedding was incredible you can see that here; but let’s skip to the good stuff)

My honeymoon was first!! I decided on a week stay at a small cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Shockingly, renting a cabin is cheaper than renting a hotel room in Georgia or Tennessee. For about $100-$150 a night you can rent a two to three bedroom cabin perched in the mountains with the most breath taking view. Most of these cabins even come with hot tubs. Think you don’t need a hot tub? Let me tell you, you do! Sitting in a hot tub, mimosa in hand watching the sunrise? Need I say more?


It was my first time renting a cabin in the mountains. With quick research I found this website that you can chose a cabin to rent for the weekend. My mistake was not calling the company first to verify that the cabin was what I was really looking for (it seems to be my running trend). Call the company first and tell them what you are exactly looking for; because “rustic,” “secluded” or “romantic” might sound like your cup of tea; but it isn’t. We accidentally started off in a completely different cabin, surrounded by wasps….CALL FIRST.

Click here for a EXCLUSIVE discount on renting a cabin! Just in time for the holidays use the code “Universal Discount” to receive 10% off your rental!!

We drove about seven hours from Orlando to the Cabin Rental Office. Stopping at High Falls State Park on the way up of course (check out my post here).  You will need to stop at the actual Cabin Rental Office to pick up your keys and welcome packet first. To celebrate our honeymoon; the company gave us a gift basket with organic apple jam from a local farm and biscuit mix. Picking up the keys was easy and they gave us written instructions to our cabin; do remember that you will not necessarily be able to use your GPS because of the mountain interference, you will have to rely on an actual map.(WHICH I STRUGGLED HARD WITH)

Yes – we had a custom “Just Married” vinyl sticker made for the back our car for the trip! My father made this for us, but you can also buy them off of Etsy!


Four bedrooms, a living room, a fire place, a dining room, a massive kitchen, two giant wrapping patios, a HOT TUB, a basement with a pool table and big screen TV

– We hit the jackpot.

The Snuggle Inn.” (I know we are ADORABLE)


We slept upstairs in an open loft with a soft tucked into a queen sized bed; we took naps between sipping on wine in the hot tub. Each day we packed up our car with our cooler and pup and we just drove around Georgia. We stopped at each little picnic area, each short hiking trail and each monument we passed. We just got lost and would head back to cabin to soak in the tub when we wanted.


Our cabin came with a full kitchen, so we made sure to bring plenty of food! Be sure to check ahead and see if your place has a grill! WE LOVED OURS. Grilled steaks, mimosas and hot tubs.




It was such an incredible week! Surrounded by nature and taking as many naps as possible; we had such the perfect start to our Mega Honeymoon Adventure. I also loved to be able to spend this time with Tinsel too. It’s nice to get out and see something different!


Above picture is from the start of our trip compared to the below photo from the last night. I think we exhausted her?


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One thought on “Travel Tuesday : A Cabin in the mountains

  1. I still wish I had known you were doing that! Mike and I own a Rental cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia and we give a 10% discount to UO team members… but we could have made your stay a wedding gift! Either way, I’m glad you had fun and enjoyed it though!


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