Happy #MAKEMONDAY let’s make this DIY Foxy Pumpkin

Now here is a CUTE SIMPLE DIY project to do with your kids (or husband – like mine). You can either pick up this “DIY Pumpkin Kit” from Target for $3 or just get creative and make your own! This simple fox pattern can easily be done in cheap felt you can pick up from any hobby store. Get creative with the characters too! If you are buying your own felt you can make anything (witches, Owls, Bears ETC.).

For this shopping list it was VERY Simple. One plastic pumpkin and this $3 DIY Pumpkin Kit from Target.

I STRONGLY advise against buying your pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. The pumpkin I used for this craft was $4, Hobby Lobby (with coupon) was selling them for $25!!! 


Okay let’s get started!! We will start with the ears. Fold, peel and stick these cuties right on the top of your pumpkin. Be aware that if you are using a large or small pumpkin, you might have to adjust the placement of the items.


Let’s put together the face! Add on his white lips over top of the brown mouth piece and add in his nose. Then peel the adhesive protector and place the entire piece on the pumpkin’s “face”



Glue on his googly eyes next! Feel free to either use the eyes in the package or pick up something different at the store! I think he would have looked a lot cuter with larger eyes!


Let’s work on his tummy next. Peel and stick the large white “belly” to the underside of your pumpkin. Then place his hands on top of it.

Last step! We’ll put on the tail! Layer the white felt over top of the brown felt, as shown, and adhere the tail to the back of your pumpkin. TARGET was so NICE to write this little guy’s product number all over the front side of his tail….so we had to remove it


AND THAT’S IT! Super super easy craft and cheap too! Check out my (more complicated) DIY Pumpkin here!


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