Woman Crush Wednesday : A interview with an actor, wife and entrepreneur

This girl really is a wonder. We met as kids and have stayed in touch over the years. AND LET ME TELL YOU – this girl is IMPRESSIVE. A full time actor, entrepreneur and an incredible wife.

Let’s jump right in here. Tell us about your business? What does your day to day look like? 

I work a full time job in entertainment. So as one can imagine, life is busy. But thank goodness for IPhones and technology. I fit Plexus into the tiny nooks and crannies of my life. If I have five extra minutes of sitting in the car before work or walking into work – I’m working on my business. Lunch Break? Business. Home for the day? Errands, and then business. It’s all about balance for me. Plexus is a health and wellness company that doesn’t require parties or any kind of quota. I set my own pace and work how I want and when I want. It’s a dream true side gig for someone with a full plate.

Your an actor? When did that start?

I began performing in 3rd grade when I auditioned for Romeo and Juliet in elementary school. After that, it was history. I continued to take drama classes and audition for all of the school plays. I even started performing in several community theaters at a young age. It was a good experience for me to work with actors of all ages and with different companies.

I decided to study theater in college where I became well rounded in all theater arts: performance, costuming, technical sound and lighting. It was a blast.

After graduating I got a job with a children’s theater academy in Colorado for the summer as an acting teacher and costume manager. When I moved back to Florida I worked as a sticher for the Or;land Repertory Theater. My love for beginning on stage didn’t have to stop, so I performed with companies like the Central Florida Vocal Arts, Osceola Arts, Garden Theater and will also be performing at the Gay Lord Palms Resort during the holiday seasons.

Currently, I am working at Disney as a costume assistant and I work around my schedule to perform in professional and amateur theaters around Orlando area. As you can imagine, working as an actor can be inconsistent and uncertain which is why my online business has been such a safety net for me and a way for me to follow my passions freely!

I mean your already pretty incredible – Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I’m a performer, but a lot of people don’t know that I REALLY like to do impressions and voice acting. I’m a goofball.

When did you start your Plexus business? 

I signed up from Plexus in October of 2014.

What inspired you to start your Plexus Business? 

My husband was in grad school and I was working full time trying to support the both of us. I had been in another direct sales company before so I wasn’t afraid to approach this one and see what it could offer. I was kind of in the market for a side hustle, anyway! when I saw my friend posting about Plexus and actually earning a legitimate income, I knew it was different. She looked happier, healthier and told me she had earned her investment back and then-some since she started. She also said it was the most rewarding job she’s ever done because she helps people gain their lives back. Talk about inspiring!

How do you handle having a family and working full time?

At this point it just feels like a normal life. I don’t have kids yet and I know that I take all that extra time for granted. But for now, I make sure that I give my marriage the time it needs and I also focus on my passions outside of Plexus like performing and helping with church activities. Like I said earlier – balance. When it’s getting down to the wire and I’m close to a promotion or I have a teammate close to a promotion, priories get adjusted for the time being. Gotta hit those goals!

How do you handle leading a healthy lifestyle and balancing all of this?

It’s easy with Plexus!I’m happy to tell anyone my personal testimony, Just ask! But to give a brief description, there is no way I could be this busy and actually enjoy life if I didn’t have the kind of healthy lifestyle I have now with Plexus. It has helped me with a number of issues, but it’s also been a tool to eat better and I’ve also started running!!

Have you had any set backs? 

All of the time. I’m constantly failing. But failing doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It means that I’m trying. And some people don’t even try. I overcome setbacks by readjusting my plan and moving on. If something isn’t working, something needs to change.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? 

I recently hit the next rank in Plexus called Senior Gold. It was the hardest one for me. But that isn’t THE achievement. The achievement is all of those people that have joined Plexus to better themselves! Reaching the next rank is just a symbol of how many people have decided to jump in with you and work to be a better person and to show others that these products and businesses work. That’s the real accomplishment!

What would you tell other women about starting their own business?

I would say go all in! And if they’re scared or uncomfortable, it means what they’re doing is important because they’re worried about the stakes involved. I would also say to not let the negative talk in. there is enough negativity everywhere else. Don’t let others or even yourself bring the negative talk into your passion and dreams. Positive talk only. That’s my rule.

What woman do you inspire to be more like? Why?

Wonder Woman. (Cliche, I know). When everyone tells her she can’t do something, she does it anyway. She also isn’t driven by hidden motives. She wants to make the world better and she won’t let anyone get in the way of that.

Let’s end this one with your favorite quote!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney


Want to know more about Amanda? You can check out her Plexus business here or you can check out her Theatrical Portfolio here.

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