#Makemonday this ADORABLE DIY Welcome Pumpkin πŸŽƒ

Hello Readers! Happy Monday! This #makemonday we will be making this freakin’ adorable DIY welcome craft pumpkin.

Let’s jump right in with the shopping list!

– One carve-able craft pumpkin. I picked this guy up in this pretty vintage white color, I loved the way the lambs ear floral looks with white 😍 (I got this guy from Target for $12)

– An Exacto-knife

– Two bundles of Lambs Ear Floarl (I picked these up from Hobby Lobby for less than $8)

– Wire cutters or Floral Scissors

– Starbucks 😏

Let’s get started! This simple DIY takes just a few minutes to make, so take your time! Start off by using your knife to cute the top off of the pumpkin. Trim excess pumpkin, making a clean round whole at the top. It can be quite difficult to cut into the pumpkin, so be careful!

Next step, trim the Lambs Ear and arrange inside of the pumpkin. Take your time and arrange the florals to cover the whole in the pumpkin. Lastly, simply use a paint pen or sharpie to write onto the pumpkin front! I used β€œWelcome” but any quote or even monogram would be PERFECT!

I would love to see how your pumpkins turned out below! (Because I’m partially obsessed with Fall Crafts – here I am standing in Hobby Lobby basking in this glorious pumpkin season)


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