Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Wonderland

Be ready for this well worth-it belly ache, bit PERFECT date (to bring the kids along too). The only raw (safe) cookie dough place in Florida and it is MIND BLOWING. Downtown Celebration in Kissimmee, Florida is a ideal date location. You can check out my other date night idea here as well! (Adorable bike through their many exclusive biking riding trails). Park down town in Celebration and let’s get snackin’ 🤤

Preview Wonderland’s Menu Here

Downtown Celebration is breath taking, there are so many small shops and cafes to explore! Normally there is plenty of parking and you can park right in front of the Wonderland Shop. Just $7 per scoop and HUGE selection of flavors, it can be sooooo over whelming. (They even have a new Pumpkin Spice flavor!)

The ladies in the shop were so wonderful too, they let me taste all of the flavors I needed to make a decision. I cut my bangs a bit too short, but deal with it. Here are my new friends 👯👯

With all of the southern charm this shop has to offer and such INCREDIBLE women; leave these little ladies a nice tip! They were so cheerful; I mean who wouldn’t be? Surrounded by cookie dough is a DREAM. The staff manager made this adorable tea pot ☕️

My husband and I grabbed our sweet treats (Mint chip & Cookie Dough) and headed towards the water. Just as a storm was rolling in, we enjoyed our cookie dough coma near the water. Exploring these beautiful pastel buildings and incredible wildlife; seriously I love everything a bout Celebration.

So grab your sweetie and kids and head to Celebration in Kissimmee, Florida and get munching! I’d love to see your date night photos below! Check out my other Celebration Date Night idea here ♥️ Have any other favorite date night ideas? I’d love to see them below!

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