DIY : Gaston Child Costume 🥀

Hello readers! I’ve been knee deep in felt scraps, putting together a Gaston (From Beauty & the Beast) costume for my dear friend Michelle’s son. I’m currently working on a Beast costume, that tutorial will come later promise!

Okay so let’s start off with a shopping list:

– Yellow and black felt (for this medium child’s shirt I used two sheets of each color, of course the larger the shirt the more felt you will need)

– A hot glue gun and lots of glue replacement sticks!

– Scissors

– A red plain T-shirt (any size will do!)

STEP #1: I started off laying out my supplies on my living room rug (I normally don’t craft on our dinning room table lol). I thought I was going to sew the pieces together with a beautiful blanket stitching, but I HATED the way it was turning out. SO I decided to hot glue the pieces together and really loved the results!

STEP #2: Let’s start with the collar. Lay the shirt flat on top of the yellow felt and out line the shoulder length with a pen. Trim along the line, make sure not to trim off any extra length of the felt. You’ll be able to trim it later and line it up properly.

STEP #4: insert the yellow felt inside the shirt, trace the collar (like below) and trim! Now the yellow felt should line up perfectly with the shouldered and collar! Now, carefully place a glue line on the shirt along the the shoulder line and around the collar. With light pressure, line up the yellow felt on-top of the glue and hold it for a few seconds. DO NOT glue the shoulder line down, you will need to trim this later! GO ahead and trim the access felt now and create a pretty yellow collar! With the extra felt I created a small “button” to add to the middle! Feel free to use a real button or anything else!

STEP #5: Okay let’s work on the belt! For larger shirts (like this one) I had to use two separate pieces across the belt, hiding the connection underneath the belt buckle. Start by cutting two medium/thin-ish pieces length wise out of the black felt. Gently glue them one the midsection of the shirt.

Really use your best judgement on belt size here, you can even measure the width against a belt you (or your child) own.

STEP #6: The belt buckle! Cut a small square out of the yellow felt, this should be just a bit wider than the belt. Gently glue the belt buckle on top of the black felt (hold for a few seconds and really let it set). Now cut a “C” square shape (like below) out of black felt and apply it to the top of the belt buckle.

And just for your reference? Tinsel is hard at work making this costume happen. Just look at her. (Her life is so hard, I don’t think you truly understand) 😂

’s how the Gaston costumed turned out! I’ll be sharing the Beast costume shortly so please stay tuned! I would love to see how your costumes turned out! Have an idea of another costume you’d like to see? Message me! I’d love to make it!

Also please make sure your signed up for the Tangled Newsletter up top! I’ll be giving away some pretty incredible Halloween prizes this month!

I’ll be posting a picture of the kiddos in their costumes soon on social media, so keep an eye out because they are freakin’ adorable!

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