Woman Crush Wednesday : An interview with Stephanie

Stephanie and I met in the beginning of High school in Band class and we quickly became friends. Even at 14-15 she always knew EXACTLY what she wanted and never allowed anyone to dim her sparkle. As kids, I always looked up to her. She is this strong, tall, beautiful woman. Stephanie has a heart of gold and I admire everything about her (even now)

Now we are adults with our own families (it’s a WEIRD feeling); she lives in California while I am here in Florida. Steph runs her own Lula Roe business, while keeping a super healthy, fit lifestyle. Honestly I really, truly do not know how she does, but she looks FABULOUS doing it.

Speaking of heart of gold, this girl answered allllllll of these questions while working in Huston for the Hurricane relief efforts (seriously – I dare you to find one flaw in this woman).



Tell us about your business. What does your day to day look like?

I am a fashion retailer who inspires women to feel confident in color and love themselves regardless of their size. I sell LuLa Roe and I love everything the business stands for. The fact that they are a clothing company that has plus sizes that still have fun prints makes my heart a little happy (haha sorry, it’s cheesy, but I’m not even lying. I hate that plus size usually equals boring). My day to day consists of a lot of customer connections via email, Facebook lives, playing games with my customer base and really creating an open environment for women to share things about themselves that they love and hate and have other women build them up the help them realize they are beautiful regardless of their slight imperfections. We use the phrase FLAWSOME a lot in my customer VIP group. I sell clothing, I package/ship, invoice and use my creative mind to put together colorfully confident styles that go out monthly to customers that sign up. O love surprising my customers and showering them with love. I write personal to EACH of my costumers and have really created a solid friendship with a lot of them.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!!

I have never tasted a sip of coffee or alcohol. When I went to college, I studied marriage and family studies with the intent of being a therapist because “there was no way my creative mind be able to have a career in creative arts.” BUT I am currently a graphic and web designer as well as a fashion retailer AND photographer, so I’d say it was silly to not believe in myself and my creative mind.


When did you start your Lula Roe Business? 

I have been a retailer for about a year now. October 7th is my anniversary and it’s bizarre that I have successfully been doing this business for a year. I tend to give up on things after about eight months, but I am going strong and I LOVE IT. .

What inspired you to start?

I want so badly to be a stay at home mom, so that I can be there for my children when they need me (one day — not a mom haha). I was a nanny in the past and I don’t want to have to pay someone to take care of my kids just so I can go to work, when there are many opportunities to work from home. I love having control of my schedule. Like, this last week, I had a friend come visit and I worked for three hours in the mornings and then was able to go on an adventure hiking. Exploring SoCal and shopping; I was able to do all of this guilt free because I have built up an awesome business that runs itself sometimes.

Why did you start this business specifically?

My friend was making about 2K  in profit a month while only working 20-30 hours/week while I was working 40-50 hours a week and making about the same amount, I was exhausted ALL the time and she seems happy, so I explored the idea more. I also have always loved using my creative mind, as mentioned above, but never though I’d be good at any creative job, so the fact that she was an “average’ person but was successful using her creative mind, I NEEDED that. I love inspiring women. Growing up I had horrible self-esteem. Hated the way I looked and felt like I’d never be food enough. When I started looking into this business, I realized I could help women avoid these negative thoughts by inspiring them to love themselves. AND I LOVE THAT FEELING. I have seen so many women transform their confidence thanks to how I build them up, it’s incredibly rewarding.


How do you balance having a family and working full time?

Some weeks it’s easier than others. I am a workaholic so sometimes I want to put in 60 hours and it’s really not necessary. I wish I could say I use a time or something to keep my time management going strong, but honestly, I just work as hard as I can while my husband is at work and during his stress relief time when he gets home, then we spend time together. He is incredibly supportive and we’re pretty independent, so are not upset when the other takes time for themselves. This is my creative outlet and he loves seeing that grow! I also don’t have kids, so its much easier than it would be for a mom, but I know plenty of moms who ROCK at balancing it all.

How do you lead a healthy lifestyle and still work full time?

I meal/snack prep. Honestly the snack prep is WAYYYYY more important than meals. I love cooking, so I don’t have a hard time making a good healthy meal. BUT I am a hardcore grazer, so I have to be sure I have healthy snacks ready. SO I chop up a ton of veggies one day a week and then have them on a grab and go basis. This helps a LOT. I also make sure I spend at least an hour outside with my dog. We usually go for really long walks. On some days, I hit the gym, but I don’t ALWAYS manage to get there, so at least I have my activity with my dog.


Have you had any set backs? How did you overcome them?

I have set backs all the time, but I refuse to let them stop me. I don’t if I have a special formula for overcoming my setbacks. I just force myself to move on and keep working hard. A lot of my customers are in Huston and Florida and as you know it’s hurricane season, so my business has slowed down a little, but I REFUSE to let that stop my from being consistent. I still reach out to my customers about different deals going on, work on building my Instagram up (working that Social Media game) and scheduling personal shopping appointments locally. I have found if I just keep telling myself that I am going to be successful, I tend to be in a more positive head space for when the challenges come, making it easier to come up with solutions.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

I have had a few honestly. The fact that I was able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle even after leaving my desk job was AMAZING. The fact that I was able to hit a huge goal of mine to sell 7000 in retail to my customers during the month that hurricane Harvey hit was HUGE. The fact that I can pay an additional 500 a month towards my debt than I used to be able to is HUGE. The fact that I was able to raise almost $3000 towards the Hurricane Harvey victims to recover while also collecting over $5000 of tangible donations, was HUGE. The fact that I could afford to buy my husband his dream truck this year has been HUGE. The fact that I can afford to have hair extensions and the maintenance of them is remarkable. I wouldn’t say there is ONE accomplishment that’s more amazing than the other. I literally just love the financial freedom I have with this and the fact that I don’t have stress when bills come around makes the entire business my greatest accomplishment.

What would you tell other women about starting their own business? 

I would tell them to watch as many free webinars as you can about being an entrepreneur. Fill your life with entrepreneur literature. Jen Sincero is my spirit animal; her YOU ARE A BAD ASS books are AMAZING and have helped me to transform my business. A HUGE thing that you’ll find is something Simon Sinek heavily emphasizes — BEGIN WITH WHY. I don’t think it’s necessary to share this all the time with your customers in order to be in business, unlike a lot of other business owners will tell you. I think sometimes our “WHY” is too personal to share. BUT as long as YOU know why you are starting a business and you’ve made it SO personal and SO dear to your heart, you won’t want to give up when times get hard.


When I went to Huston to help Hurricane Harvey victims, I had everything go wrong during the road trip. BUT because I was focused on the dream (the WHY) of being able to change people’s lives and help just a little bit to get back on the recover from all the flood damage, I was totally find with the challenges. I didn’t want to give up. In fact, I just knew what I was doing was even more important because the challenges kept arising.

What woman do you inspire to be more life?

BAHAHAHA – JEN SINCERO SHE ROCKS! Honestly any fashion blogger that has made it successfully I aspire to be more like. I want to be more like the women who get to go on vacations and not stress about finances. Jen is the only SPECIFIC woman that I aspire to be life, other than Hilary Rushford (SHE ROCKS TOO). I’ve watched Hillary’s webinars.

Let’s end this with your favorite quote! She gave me two because she’s an over achiever 😉 

“Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never give up”

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”


Want to know more about Stephanie’s business?

You can check her out on Facebook here. 

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