Happy #Makemonday! This week I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make a DIY Beast (From Beauty and the Beast) costume!

Hello! I LOVE Mondays and getting to share with ya’ll my favorite DIY crafts! This month I had the pleasure of creating ADORABLE costumes for my friend Michelle’s two little boys (A Gaston Costume – you can find the tutorial here). I’m literally so happy to be sharing this tutorial, I had a blast making it!

Of course let’s start off with a shopping list! As always, I promise mostly ALL of these items can be found for a dollar or less! I focused on creating the shirt and Michelle paired it with a Beast mask (she picked up off Etsy), tan pants and fur gloves.

For the shirt here’s the list

– One sheet of Beige felt – more if you are making a larger shirt

– A blue shirt – any size that you need

– One sheet of yellow felt – more if you are making a larger shirt

– A hot glue gun

– Scissors

To Complete the costume

– A Beast mask or follow a at-home makeup tutorial

– Tan pants

– Fur gloves

So let’s get started! First step: Cut three strips of yellow felt on the long side. These should be pretty thin, about an inch and a half. Gently hot glue one strip of yellow along the bottom of the shirt and up the direct center of the shirt. Also cut two very small, three inch strips to create “pockets” on the shirt. Like below. It doesn’t need to be perfect! Most of the top will be covered by more felt.

Let’s work on creating the neck scarf next! Pick up your white or beige felt and create a triangle shape. Round each point to a curve and carefully glue the scarf on the top of the shirt like below.

Next step is to finish off the neck scarf, with a small “mermaid” like tail for the bottom. Cut a small triangle out of white or beige felt and create a scalloped edge. Hot glue this piece on the end of the neck scarf.

Now to create the yellow collar! Cut two yellow, thin rectangles just about four inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Round the edges and taper the pieces to be thinner at the bottom. Repeat the process to create two identical pieces. These pieces will be glued next to the edge of the beige scarf.

Go over each piece and make sure they are secured properly. I was making this costume for a child, so I made sure to firmly secure each piece. The very last step in making this top is the buttons! I created three small circles out of the beige felt and glued them at the center of the scarf and along the middle of the shirt.

And that’s it! An ADORABLE DIY Beast costume! I would love to see how your costumes turned out below! You can see all of my other Halloween DIYs on the DIY tab to the right! Hope you have a CRAFTY Monday 😻😻

Curious about where I learned about how I set this article up and the techniques I used? Check out the exclusive coupon below!

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