This special #Makemonday making my little BUNS house a home

Buddy the Bunny was rescued about three years ago off of Craigslist and he was a mess. It’s funny to say but, he was actually incredibly violent (and he’s a fluffy bunny). We tried to socialize him with Tinsel, but he quickly attacked her.

(literally not even joking)

Two years ago – we though his tiny, plastic inside house just wasn’t cutting it. So we built him a small play pin on our patio and it broke him. He was so happy! He did little jumps and sprints! So OK – he’s happy outside. Let’s make this even better.


We worked tirelessly on his bun-atio. Creating small interactive elements, tunnels and toys. We created a paradise. We built a sandbox filled with beach toys, two grass patches with deep soil for digging, pop up tunnels, beds and an indoor litter box. He was in heaven and finally started to allow us to touch him.



This year we created a new inside house for him too! Hurricane season for us Floridians has been PRETTY ROUGH this year, so we decided he needed something nicer inside. You can see the tutorial for that here. We even grow organic veggies for him in his own personal garden! His favorites are butter-leaf and kale. He is also OBSESSED with blackberries.


After three years, he’s finally allowing us to touch and hold him. Tinsel is still very hesitant. It’s kind of scary for me to hold him, knowing he could just attack at any minute – but we are all a work in progress. And YES I am terrified of my 6 pound bunny and NOT my 65+ pound pit-bull. 

That said, I decided to spruce up his inside house this weekend (since he has been trapped in it all summer long).

So I got to work. I cleaned out my craft supplies and made a few alterations to his digs. I made a felt triangle banner (hanging high out of his reach). I cut small brown and beige felt triangles and strung them with white yarn.


I then made him his own “hello I’m Buddy” chalk board sign. Because how else do you decorate a space with out a classy chalk board sign? 😉

I spare fabric as well, so I made a small “bunny” sized bed. To create this, I took two matching square pieces of fabric and layered them on top of each other. I cut one inch strips of fabric along the entire outer edge of the fabric (shown below) and tied the pieces together. I left enough space and stuffed the bed with newspaper and extra fabric.


And TA-DA! Look how cute his little house turned out! (He’s still VERY grumpy….but at least he looks cute doing it)

Buddy the Buns New House Decor!

Let’s end this with a cute photo of Buddy the Bunny checking out fabric swatches…judging. Always judging. He will need a new Bun-Atio upgrade pretty soon because of this hurricane business, so I will be posting his upgrade later!

“Picking out Fabric”

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