Healthy Living : I QUIT THE GYM & I will never go back

I used to be a gym rat. Two to three hours a night – an intense spin class and another hour of weight lifting. On top of my gym schedule, I would get up at 5:00AM and do a three to four mile fast walk with my pup.

My body was exhausted.

So I quit. Sounds strange right? Quit the gym to relax?

The truth was, I was wearing out my body. I wasn’t eating right because I am an emotional eater (I mean who isn’t), I was going to the gym WAY TOO MUCH and I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

Just a note: I was not sponsored by this company, I just truly believe in what they are doing and wanted to share. I downloaded this app “Daily Burn” and started the three month yoga course – you can see them on their website here. It costs me $15 a month, but it is SO WORTH IT.


My new morning routine? I gently wake up at 5:30am-5:40am and start off with a 35 minute yoga class, followed by a 10 minute meditation class and a casual 10 minute walk with my pup Tinsel.

After yoga, meditation and walking – I finish it up with a fruit and vitamin infused smoothie.

That’s honestly it.This month I’m focusing on me & reducing my stress to 0%. Do you have any techniques that you use to reduce stress? I’d love to hear more about them below! You can also see last weeks “stress reduce” article here.

We’ve even swapped out our regular Sunday routine (three mile fast walk at the park or hike) with just a slow walk to our local Starbucks for tea.

Image may contain: shoes, grass, outdoor and nature
Tinsel & I at the park last Sunday!

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