I had such an INCREDIBLE afternoon with you guys! I hosted another LIVE Crafts for Kids video on Facebook and we made DIY Slime! You can see our vide below or check it out on the Tangled Tinsel Facebook Community Page!


Next week we will be making Moana themed “calming jars.” Beautiful calming jars, filled with glitter and shells! I know everyone is obsessed (including me) with the new Disney Moana movie, so let’s make this easy Ocean in a Bottle Craft with the kids!

Below is the shopping list! Of course you can find all of these items at the Dollar Tree!

  1. Mason Jar or plastic bottle – must have a lid!
  2. An entire bottle of clear Elmer’s glue
  3. Blue food dye
  4. Water
  5. Blue or silver glitter
  6. Seashells or sea creatures (optional)

Want to know how to participate? Here’s how!

  1. Gather up your supplies and kids (wine optional)
  2. Log onto our Facebook Page here at 2:00PM EST next Saturday, November 11th
  3. Get ready for some crafty fun with the kids ♥️

WWYF 300x250


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