How many times have you said “I wish I had….more”? #gratefulgrowing November

This month I’m truly trying to focus on fixing “me.” Becoming more humble, filling every day with things I love doing and ESPECIALLY sorting out negative relationships.

I caught myself doing this a lot this week – WANT. WANT. WANT. WANT. Constantly just thinking about what I don’t have.

I want a house and a huge yard for Tinsel. I’d like a new car, something that I can use when I’m camping or hiking. I want to be able to afford adoption fees, adopt a child and start our family. I want to be able to finish my degree. I want to travel more and fill up my passport.

How many wants do you have? How many times, honestly have you said “I wish I had ___”?


Let me tell you what I DO have – An incredible husband that loves me (even when I’m crazy), a beautifully small apartment filled with furniture, an adorable pup who wiggles her butt when I come home, my fridge is filled with delicious food and a great job that I actually love going to.

So let’s take this week and remember just how much we have to be grateful for and all of those “wants” will come sooner or later.



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