This weeks #Womancrush inspired me through her words

If you haven’t yet read this book – you need to stop what you are doing and read it! A young woman, Malala, was on a bus ride to her school and got shot by the Taliban. Instead of sitting back in pity, she stood up and fought and is still fighting to this day. The man who shot her, did not believe that young women had a right to education. Malala’s father at the time, ran the all-girls school in their town and fought for the rights of those young women. When his daughter was shot, he did not stand idly by – he fought even harder for education of the young women in his town.

She took this moment in her life to learn something – she is stronger than fear and if she can survive this – she can do anything. Malala now spends her time traveling the world – speaking for women’s rights on the front line. Her father and her have now started and funded several more schools for young women. They’ve spread awareness about the struggles of these women.

Malala even won a Nobel Peace Prize last year for her efforts.

I won’t give any spoilers here – but I cried, I laughed and truly felt her strength through the words of her book. If you have the chance, pick this book up for yourself and I would love to know what you think below. She even has a NEW childerns book! That I’m dying to add to my collection


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