Turn Your Face Towards the Sun and the Shadows Fall Behind You

This #GrowingGrateful: I’m learning that there truly is “toxic” relationships and it’s OK to just drop them. Seriously.

Slowly (very slowly) I’m getting closer and closer to 30. We are starting to look into buying a house, adopting (in the far future), buying a new family car – you know all that adult-ish stuff. To be blunt – I really don’t have time for toxic friends/family. I need family and friends that are going to be there for me when I need them (as selfish as that sounds). I am now choosing to be picky about those people I’m bringing in to my life and being hard on those that are already in.

I think getting closer to thirty truly set in the fact that I am looking for friends to inspire me, to give me advice and to be there when I need them – not for drinking buddies to go on a cruise with. I’m surrounding myself with incredible women and loving family (like my Dad who answers all of my texts messages at all hours and reads each of my articles β™₯️ )

I know this article was unusually short – but I hope this is a little advice you can take home with you. It’s okay to be choosy especially when you are sharing your life with people. Surround yourself with people that bring you joy, instead of drama.


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