#WomancrushWednesday These inspiring ladies who started their own business out of an abandoned Tattoo Parlor and are ROCKING IT

Here’s a little background: I was skimming through my Instagram feed, trying to get more inspiration for articles and these two incredible ladies popped up. They had started their own “Craft Bar” here in Florida and I just HAD to reach out to them to learn more. What a freakin’ incredible idea; women making crafts & drinking wine. I LOVED IT. Not to mention these two ladies, Yvonne & Wendy are freakin’ adorable too. That’s said let’s dive into their interview, of course you can skip right to the good stuff and check out their website here.

So tell us about your business? How did you get started?

It was a warm balmy night on Siesta Key as two friends sat at the bar pouring their dreams into cocktails, when they realized that they shared the same dream. A space where local artisans could showcase and sell their creations, and where people could come and find their own creative around a bar similar to the one we were sitting at (with their favorite beverage in hand of course). The atmosphere had to be light hearted, fun and entertaining – just like them. “We can make this happen” we said to each other. With excitement in our eyes and our hearts racing the work began to make this dream a reality – AND the craft bar was born!

(This is actually how it happened)

What inspired you to get started?

Each other….finding someone with common goals and dreams. We feed off of each other’s craziness and positive vibes.

Tell us a fun fact about you and your shop!

Our Shop: It was previously a tattoo parlor with a black ceiling and black walls. Big gaudy graffiti all over the walls and needles stuffed in odd places (such as the mailbox). It was actually very scary.

Us: People ask us all the time if we are #1 Sisters or #2 Together or Married – We’ve actually only known each other for about three yers and both are married (but not to each other).

Where would you like to see your business in the future? Would you like to see it expand or change?

We would love to open a second location and then franchise the business

What’s has been your favorite craft project so far?

Wendy: My favorite project was the actual build out of the space. It was time consuming and a crazy venture, no AC (June and July IN FLORIDA). We had mosquitos that bit right through our clothes, a broken pipe which flooded the entire space AND YET the sense of accomplishment was more than I could have imagined.

Yvonne: My favorite projects have been the invention of our monthly crafts (except the slime). I get way more excited than Wendy does. It’s so fun to try new techniques and even funnier when they fail, but working through the kinks before we present the class to our customers is gratifying.

How, honestly, do you come up with so many incredible classes?

We rely on Pinterest quite a bit but find tons of ideas from old magazines. We tweet them, modernize them and then WHA-LA! Nothing is every truly a new in design anymore, just upgraded or integrated.

Since this article series is all about inspiring women, tell us the one woman that inspires you the most!

Wendy: Honestly I can list off many women, those in the design field and those who just have made an impact on my life and way of thinking. But I am inspired mostly by my brilliant business partner. She inspires me everyday to be my best me and believe in who I am

Yvonne: I will tell you the same story, I know Wendy, we have a close personal friendship. She has impacted my life so much and helped me follow my dreams.

What keeps your team going during the day? How do you inspired your team to work together?


We are the team! Just the two of us. We are honest with each other, we banter, we laugh and we make sure the other one enjoys their day no matter what comes our way. It’s lonely when one of us is not in!

Your shop looks incredible and I’m sure that takes a lot of work. How do you balance work time and off time?

We are closed Sunday’s and Mondays to regroup, but i don’t know that we have figured out that balance yet. We are only 3 months old and it’s OK that we haven’t 100% yet. It’s great to have one another because we can cover for each other when there are family matters or you just need a hair cut.

Let’s end this with your favorite quote!

Wendy: “WE GOT THIS” – Wendy Mason & Yvonne Schiller. Not an org nail but defiantly our motto everyday! We say it and then throw glitter to start our week.

Yvonne: “Treat others how you want to be treated, then throw glitter on them”

On Serious note: These ladies are SUPER INCREDIBLE. Be sure to follow them on Instagram or on Facebook!


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