Travel Tuesday : 10 things you need to know about planning the perfect road trip

Since we’ve been on the best and worst road trips this year – I wanted to share my top 10 things you need to know about planning a PERFECT road trip.

1. Just get a rental car. Save up the money and just rent a car. I cannot tell you how many times we said “well let’s not go check this out, to not put the wear and tear on our car.”

2. Pack snacks and lunches. Our fave go-to lunch is summer sausage, specialty cheeses and wheat crackers. (Kind of like an adult lunchable)

3. Organize your car first. Make a place for everything, especially for longer trips. Plastic storage bins make for great car trash cans and storing snacks. Check out what the have to offer at the Dollar Tree – this place is perfect for cheap organizing.

4. Map it out, but don’t schedule every minute. My favorite part about a road trip is just getting lost, be a local and just drive around. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve found breath taking street art on an abandoned road

5. (I’m not sponsored by this company – they’ve really just saved my butt). Check out “Hotel Tonight” app on the IPhone or Android. Whatever state you are in, if you are stopping for the night open up the app and it will hook you up with discounted rates for rooms near you. What’s the catch? Hotels pay the app to fill their last minute rooms for the night at a discounted rate (that’s where you come in). We stopped for the night in Memphis, Tennessee – we used Hotel Tonight and it hooked us up with Elvis’ guest house’s King Suite for just $125 for the night. (You are talking about a 5 star resort AND pet friendly).

6. Speaking of great apps. Download the “Gas Buddy” app. Whenever you are getting close on gas, pop open the app and it will let you know where the nearest gas station is with the lowest prices.

7. Get comfortable. If you quickly Pinterest “Road Trip Outfits” about 100 options come up – tiny shorts/big hats ETC. But honestly, driving 6+ hours a day; trust me you want to be comfortable. My go-to travel outfit? Tights, tennis shoes or chucks and a denim button up. Comfortable and still cute for road trip selfies ๐Ÿ‘‹ For colder months I ALWAYS pair it with my Old Navy Puff Vest – so many pockets, soooooo comfy.

lessed to have a road trip buddy (my husband) that listens to my favorite music! We LOVE to blast our Disney show tunes and sing along. We don’t even have kids ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ (long trips get weird)

9. Stop for breaks! We love to stop at rest stops on the way. Most rest stop picnic areas make great places to stop for lunch and a great place to stretch your legs – especially if you are driving with small children or dogs. While your at that, be sure to map out some parks on the way. Here’s a link to our FAVORITE state park in Georgia

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Take pictures. I mean don’t be glued to your phone – but like take lots and lots of pictures. Some of my favorite pictures of my husband are just of him driving singing along to our favorite toons or pictures of Tinsel in the back of the car sleeping. I don’t normally collect treasures or tokens of my trips – but I collect LOTS of photos. (I normally make these into a photo album each year of our adventures together).

I would like to hear about your road trip adventures down below! Share with me some of your favorite road trip secrets too!

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