Hour by Hour Challenge: Tinsel the Dog

A few weekends ago I discovered this article from a friend of mine; she did a snapshot of herself each hour of one single days. Literally – how cute is that idea? And how interesting to see how your face, your mood and your environment changes each hour. ON THAT THOUGHT – honestly how cute would be to see what Tinsel’s day looked like? Each hour for an entire day, that’s exactly what we did.

7:30AM: Arrive at favorite park and chase all of the birds
Still at Eagle’s Nest with five miles under our belt – it’s almost time to go home
9:00AM: visit Tyler (Favorite Barista at Starbucks) for our Saturday #pupachino
9:30AM Spill Pupachino all over self and Chelsie

Now I promise you, these next few photos are SEVERAL hours apart. I guess taking a photo of Tinsel every hour of one single Saturday was kind of waste 😂😂 What do you think?

11:00AM-1:00PM: Find comfortable place to nap
1:00PM-4:00PM: Overheat & Adjust
5:00PM: Andrew gets home….adjust sleeping position

Seeing as I lured you to read this with cute pictures of my dog? Can I just get a minute to rant about something?

Two weekends ago, my husband, Tinsel and I were driving home from a late night run to Petco. Pulling into our neighborhood, this stray pittie-mutt runs out in front of our car. I quickly jump out, try to catch him and spend the next three-four hours in the cold trying to catch this runaway.

But you know what really surprised me? Our neighborhood security officer, Tinsel, my husband and myself were the only ones to stop and try to assist this dog. Cars quickly zoomed by without another glance at him in the cold, passerby’s with dogs of their own didn’t even stop to help – it was unbelievable.

I’m sure you know my stance by now, that I firmly do not believe in breeding dogs for our own pleasure, that dogs/cats/whatever should be rescued first. But it schocked me that not one more person stopped to help us. It took almost two weeks for this dog to be caught (currently up for adoption right here in Orlando. Sadly we do not have enough room in our apartment for another rescue).

So please, if you see a stray animal, be it a turtle trying to cross the road or flock of ducks stuck in a storm drain – please stop to help, even if it’s just a quick call to animal services. We are not the only ones living on this plantet. Tinsel was lucky enough that few volunteers stopped and picked her up off the side of the road too.

If you are looking for your next dog, cat or bunny please please please visit PetFinder.Com and rescue first. If you and your family cannot rescue and are local, our shelter in Orlando is in need of pet food (cat/dog) and blankets/towels. Please see their site here

End rant – sorry ♥️♥️

To see what our little rescued family is up to on the regular, be sure to follow us on your favorite social media sites below. And to see all of our hilarious Tinsel’s Adventures be sure to check out her site here.

Twitter @TheTangledTinsel

Our Facebook Community Page @TheTangledTinsel

Instagram @TheTangledTinsel


Seriously Tinsel? What even is that face?

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