Life Hack : The Goodwill Outlet & What you need to know

Ok so I like to travel, I love testing out Pinterest crafts AND I love all things Tinsel. But did you know one of my other passions is thrift shopping? I get all of my clothes either on sale or directly from Goodwill.

And there is a little known secret – the Goodwill Outlet store. The Outlet Goodwill is a unicorn and varies from state to state, so be sure to do a quick google search to see if you have one near by you. If you are a Orlando local, you can find your store here.

So let’s jump right into this, there are few things you should know before going.

  1. This place is SCARY. It can be a bit scetch, but trust me it’s completely worth it. If you are a bit uneasy with germs – be sure to bring long sleved rubber clothes.
  2. Everything is $1 per pound – that means clothing, accessories, kitchware and anything else you find in the store
  3. Carts are great, but they get in the way. Carry what you can and skip the carts
  4. They don’t give discounts.
  5. You have to bag your own items
If you can’t tell: Goodwill Thrifting is my Favorite Pass Time

So we get started here at the entrance. I never bring my purse or any bags into the store; it can get in the way while digging through the blue bins. Just carry your debit card, cash or shove your belongings into your husbands pockets 😘

That look of concentration 😳😳

When you walk into the warehouse it can be a bit overwhelming. The entire warehouse is open and lined with these large blue bins. The bins are piled high with treasures and it’s up to you to find them! The bins are dumped every hour or so by security and refilled with new items.

During the change of bins, security will have you move into a formal line and wait while the reorganize. (I put photos in below with the rules that are posted throughout the store)


Sometimes I love to come to this store just to find the most interesting things! LOOK AT THESE PANTS. LOOK AT THEM. 😂 

For the few minutes that we spent here Saturday morning I was able to find just a few treasures! Three perfect condition scarves and a flowy floral tank. Want to know how much I spent?


Yeah I know. $1.15! Three scarves and a top? Seriously? After only a few minutes of digging? Yeah I’m completely serious. I love this place. Honestly I could spend hours digging through these bins 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Ok so now that I’ve peaked your interest, you must go and try this place out! I would love to see all of your finds down in the comment below! I’ll be posting a bunch more articles on my thrift store finds, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Want to save money in a different way? I wrote an entire article on swapping to full organic meals AND savings $100 a week! Check out that article here.

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