Life Hack : The GoodWill Proper & What You Need To Know

I honestly LOVE thrift shopping and actual go into my favorite hotspots EACH weekend. My favorite spot? The Goodwill Outlet. My second favorite? What I like to call – The Goodwill Proper (the actual store and not the outlet). My Goodwill Proper store is nestled right next to the Florida Mall, here in Orlando, Florida and I cannot get enough.

This weekend was like any other, I wanted to hit up my store. BUT this time I’m on the hunt for some clothes for my upcoming cruise. Shorts, cover ups, crop tops – basically anything that would be cute for all of my upcoming cruise selfies! (My hubby and I are taking a week cruise down to the Virgin Islands! And if you couldn’t tell – I’m a BIT excited! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻).

What you need to know before shopping

  • I normallly leave everything in the car and only bring the essentials: Money, keys and my phone. This isn’t for safety reasons, it’s just difficult to carry a purse when your digging through bins and shuffling through the isles.
  •  They offer senior, military AND college discounts – you’ll just need to show your ID
  • Look for the color of the day! Normally there is a sign posted right at the front entrance. Whatever the color, look for that colored tag on any clothing item for 50% off that item! I won this mango festive romper for only $3!! (Lots of pictures below!)
  • Go. But plan to spend more than an hour.

First step through the door and I’m off to my “hot spot” – the tops! I litterally go isle by isle scooping up each shirt. I’m looking for eye popping prints and clean cotton. I like to pull out as many shirts as I like, then at the end of the isle go through each, pick my favorites and outnthe rest back  on the shelf.


I continue this for an entire hour – isle, by isle by isle. Then I’m on to dresses, shorts, pants or anything else. With all of my clothing finds folded in my cart, I then head to the book section!

Here’s what people normally do: Buy best selling books, they don’t read them, they let them sit on their book shelves until  they finally get donated – that’s where I come in. Each book can range from $3-$5 and they are normally Best Sellers.

Books and clothing? Seriously – THE BEST DAY.

If I’m working on a particular craft project, I’ll hit up the home goods isles. My favorite picks from here are mason jars, vases and fabrics!

For this shopping trip, my mission was finding some fun floral finds for my upcoming cruise. (Crop tops, shorts and beach coverups). What did I find? Four pairs of cotton shorts (some with cute tassels!), a long floral skirt, a leather laser cut skirt AND a mango colored floral jumper. Guess how much I paid? Seriously guess!

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻$16! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Now all I am missing is a new floppy hat, some cute strappy sandals and a few new cotton t-shirts! I don’t know if you got this or not – but I’m PRETTY excited about my upcoming trip!

What are your upcoming travel plans? Check out some of my previous trips here! How about sharing with me some of your best tips for thrift shopping at Goodwill? I’d love to hear all about it below in the comments! Be sure to check out ALL of my thrift store finds here! 

Be sure to follow me on social media as well! I’ll be posting a TON of selfies from San Juan in just a few weeks!

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