Monthly Round Up; My January Must-Haves

Can you believe we are already done with January 2018?? I cannot believe this year is going by so quickly already! Since we are inching our way closer to the end of the month, I thought I would share my January Must-Haves – everything I didn’t know I couldn’t live without.


FIRST: My favorite book this month; Milk and Honey. This book fits perfectly with this month, with the Women’s March going on now in Washington D.C and so many countless feminist movements – this author truly embodies the entire month and is one of my favorite reads!

SECOND: Inflatable Pool Float Giant Party Cactus Air Bed Lounge Toy 47×76″ (deflated) Airtime > This ADORABLY SILLY cactus float. I’m currently in the midst of ordering items for our upcoming cruise (and well you all know my cacti obsession). Just picture me – floating in San Juan on this cutie.

THIRD: You know my hubby is obsessed with board games (and just recently started his own blog!!) It might be a kids game, but Rhino Hero is one of my FAVORITES. (THIS IS HOW MARRIAGES END 😂😂😂)

FOURTH: I’m greatful for Amazonfresh grocery delivery; because even when I’m at worst it doesn’t mean I have to eat the worst. AND TRUST ME, these past few months have not been the greatest, I’m glad Amazon has my back! (Click my affiliate link on the banner below for a free trial 🙌🏻🙌🏻)


FIFTH: Last but not least. Women’s Fashion Oversized Knitted Crewneck Casual Pullovers Sweater,Dgreen,X-Large“>This giant over-sized sweater! Seriously, there is nothing better than lounging about at home in a giant knit sweater or even dressing it up with a scarf for work. AND it’s easier to get away with wearing tights to work 😏

That’s it! My January must-have list! Sweaters, groceries, floaties – I mean what else could a girl want? Do you have a treasure list from this month? I’d love to see it below in the comments! Be sure to follow my on all of your favorite social media sites too! (You’ll probably see me in this over-sized sweater in at least 90% of my photos – I’m not ashamed).

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Thank you all for reading, as always!



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