Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Winterpark & The East End Market 🍪🍪

Looking for something pretty sweet to do with the kids or spouse this weekend? Well look no further. Before leaving on my New Orleans adventure with my girlfriends, the hubby and I checked out the East End Market in Winterpark, Florida.


Our main goal? To check out Gideon’s Bakehouse – apparently “world famous” for their chocolate chip cookies (my husband was skeptical – honestly how good could these reallllly be?).

We got there and parking was a nightmare. We parked three blocks away in a neighborhood and had to hoof it to the front entrance of the market.

Not only was parking TERRIBLE, there was a 45+ minute wait for cookies. Surprisingly patient, we waited and waited…..and waited some more. Until finally it was our turn to order.

Now a few things to remember about this place: they make a limited ammount of cookies a day, so if you wait and they run out it’s more of a “oh well.” They also do not have a direct menu, you have to check out what they have baked for the day by checking out their display case by the counter. Cookies are a steep $5 a piece.


My thoughts on the cookies? Life changing. I would wait 2+ hours for a cookie like this. And you know what? They are probably the best cookies I have ever had. They are even better than my Grandmother’s (sorry Grandma).


Along with Gideon’s Bakehouse, the East End Market is filled to the brim (litterally) with so many incredible small shops. To name a few, they have a garden shop filled with beautiful succulents, a Wine & Cheese bar, veggie juice station and a quaint little eating area in the courtyard of the market.

This is defiantly worth a look this weekend, if you are looking for something different to do with your kids or spouse. I’ve included the link to their website, so you can check out all of their fun kid friendly events too!


Have you visited the East End Market? I would love to hear about it below in the comments! I absolutely love Winterpark, Florida and would love more suggestions on date ideas to do with the family if you have them! Thank you as always for reading ♥️

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