DIY : Care Packages!

My bestie lives in Washington D.C and I live in central Florida, so you can say it’s a BIT OF A DRIVE. Of course I was skimming through Pinterest and saw this idea – DIY care packages! Of course this is a SUPER cute idea and I just had to try it out for myself.

Picking a theme

So you decided to make a care package, now it’s time to pick a good theme! Think about your friends favorite things – do they love binge watching Netflix? Or maybe they love to travel? My bestie and I always met up at our favorite Starbucks, no matter what state we were in, we were always at Starbucks. Of course I decided to make a Miss You A Latte themed care package

If you are using my theme, here’s my supply list

Let’s put it together!

  • I started by wrapping the inside of the box with glitter paper – Outline the outside of the box and hot glue the paper in the inside. The glitter paper was a little thick, using tape did not work well.


  • Letting the inside box liner glue dry, I then started on making the small paper Starbucks cups (writing our names poorly on the cups – of course)
  • I cut small slivers of red scrap booking paper and made a trailer from one side of the lid to the other (connecting our Starbucks cups together). I then placed the scrap booking plane in the middle


  • I hot glued the gold letter stickers on the top and bottom lids to spell out “I miss you a latte”
  • I then filled up the box full of treats! Don’t worry too much about making a nice display, it’s bound to get mixed up in shipping
I think some how Tinsel knew we were sending a package to her Uncle Patrick 🙂

Honestly that was just about it. Now everyone should expect care packages from me, because this was TOO FUN to make! Have you ever made a care package like this one? Or maybe something a bit different? I’d like to hear about it below in the comments!

Want to see the grand reveal of my besties package? You can check it out on social media by clicking any of the links to the side of the page >>> 😘😘

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