Travel Tuesday : Day two in New Orleans

Be sure to check out Day One of our long weekend in New Orleans here and all of my other travel adventures here.

Day two got started a little later then the day before, since we were out pretty late the night before catching beads! We had an early breakfast at our cottage and then took the short walk down to the trolley station. It was Elizabeth’s Bucket List item; to ride an old street car in New Orleans.


At first all of us where “This is so silly. Street cars? Really?” Then we got on it and it was probably one of my favorite things about our trip. This was SO COOl. LIKE SO SO SO COOL.

Let me explain –

First point, You have two basic options – to pay with exact change ($3 per day) OR download the app and pay through your phone. How easy is that?

Second point, this street car was WELL over 170 years old and still running. It was so NEAT. These old beautiful, creaky wood benches lined the walls along with this class vintage green paint. There were large windows (enough to stick your full body thought – highly NOT recommended). It was so spectacular and unique.


Third point, you get to see everything as you are driving by. Old anqtiue buildings, locals jogging, Mom & Pop ran cafes. It seriously was so neat and such a unique experience. I HIGHLY recomend spending a day just riding the Street Car around town.

IT WAS SO COOL. OK ENOUGH. Here’s just one more photo, I swear.


Elizabeth’s smile litterally warms my heart. Seriously, she is one the kindest people I know and the cutest for getting so excited about street cars. (HECK I’m going to be this excited from now on too).

On our way back we stopped at the pretty famous Audoboun Park to see some wildlife (not the zoo, just the small walkable park). This day honestly just kept getting better. First stepping into the park you can start tp hear the ducks. These beautifully rare Whistling Ducks migrated to this lake easily into the hundreds. It was just breath taking to see the amount of birds in one place.



After stopping at the park, we decided to head back to the small street that houses the Gracious Bakery to find a shop to have lunch. We each grabbed PoBoys (Just a regular sub sandwich, but PoBoys are made with a French loaf)  at a gas station and planted ourselves under a colorful awning to rest, regroup and go over our plans for the night.

After resting, we walked back to our cottage. We had decided to rest at the house before heading out to our dinner reservations at 7:15PM.

I was a bit anxious and still pretty excited about being in New Orleans; while everyone rested I grabbed my keys and headed out on my own adventure. I drove towards the Garden District (Near Lafayette Cemetery). Unfortunately the cemetery was closed by the time I reached it, so I parked myself at a Starbucks across the street for some casual people watching and tea.


I sat under these large trees for a few hours. We really could not have gotten better weather for this trip; sitting at a cool 65 degrees. This was probably my second favorite part about this trip (I know I’ve said that a lot lately), sometimes it’s perfect to get lost in a new city and get to really take everything in – that’s exactly what I did.

Meeting up back at the house, within a few hours we left the house and started making our way downtown. (Sorry for a lack of pictures – the night got a BIT wild). We drank champagne, we strolled Bourbon street and we got completely lost in the magic of it all. My very favorite moment? Listening to music at the Spotted Cat. I’ve attached a video below! We sat snug on old wooden benches and became hypnotized by the musicians. We must have sat there for an hour or more and then moved onto our next jazz joint (which is never too far in New Orleans!).

The one thing that has shocked me the most about New Orleans and Mardi Gras? The ammount of trash that filled the streets. It was kind of incredible to see just the ammount of devistation after just one Mardi Gras float passed. You can see my feet below, this was just a back road of New Orleans after a parade; you litterally had to shuffle through trash to get through the streets.

I did a bit of research after I got home, I found out that none of this plastic is recycled. It actual makes a huge impact on the environment and a LOT of it is shipped out to sea through the sewage system. I really wish that something could be done about this. Just a little side note 🤷🏻‍♀️


Day two in New Orleans was just as incredible as the day before. Filled with live Jazz bands, good food and good friends. Make sure to check out Day One of our trip here too! Of course you can see all of my trip photos by checking out social media (links are below).

Twitter @Thetangledtin

Our Facebook Community Page @ThetangledTisnel

Instagram @Thetangledtinsel


Have any good stories about New Orleans? I would love to hear about your trip below! As always, thank you for reading!

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