Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood: Renting the Swan Boats at Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando.

Looking for something a bit different to do with the kids this weekend? Look no further then your own backyard (well almost). One of my dearest friends, Elizabeth was down for New Years Day and we decided to go on a she-date (leaving the boys at home of course).

Our destination was the Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando Sunday Farmer’s Market.

Due to the popularity of the farmers market, we chose to spend the $16 to park in the shaded parking garage (trust me – just spend the little bit of money to park in the garage. You can stay for the whole day & it keeps your car out of the sun).

We walked the short block from the parking garage to the Farmers Market and took a quick stroll through the booths.  So many popular veggie and fruit vendors, TONS of craft vendors and a few bars set up. The Lake Eola Farmer’s Market opens up at 8AM and is open every single Sunday throughout the year. Check out all of their special events here & even check out all of their Yoga in the Park sessions too!

We then continued our stroll around Lake Eloa Park, ending up at the Swan Boats. We shurgged our shoulders and did a kind of “Ok let’s do it. Why not.”


These little swan boats can hold up to five people (two paddling in the front and three passengers). The boats will cost you $15 for thirty minutes – trust us, you will be EXHAUSTED after thirty minutes. It was well worth every single cent. You can check out more information about the boats here.


After paddling along, take a half block towards the Orlando Library (such a neat place, if you have the time to step in and grab a new book!) Towards the library, there is a small 7-11 Station, stop in for some Slurpees to cool off from all of that work!


Our next stop was to pile back into the car and drive around for a bit. Elizabeth and I both love to check out old neighborhoods and backroads when we are traveling, so OF COURSE we had to drive around a bit to check everything out. Drive slowly over the hand laid brick roads and check out all of the beautiful architecture.

We were getting a bit lost & that’s when we found this quaint little park – Dickson Azalea Park. Grab your drinks and take a stroll through this small park – you seriously will not regret it. Even during a warmer summer morning, the park stays relatively cool since it is fully shaded by old oaks. Follow the pathways through the park and you will eventually walk under an old white brick bridge. (SO INSTAGRAM WORTHY). Don’t worry too much about dragging the kids out for this adventure, the entire park is stroller accessible and the kids will LOVE looking at all of the small fish in the creek.


It’s funny how just a short drive to a Farmers Market turned into an entire morning adventure, but I am so glad it did AND I was so glad my friend was in town to join

! Have you been to the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market or the Dickson Azalea Park? Or how about renting one of the Swan Boats? I would love to hear about in the comments below! As always, be sure to follow us on all of your favorite social media sites (by clicking the links on the right hand collum of this page) 👩🏻‍💻♥️🐶

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