Travel Tuesday : Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas; What you need to know

I love traveling. I love planning trips to the very fine details. When we started to plan our Oasis of the Seas seven night cruise, there was VERY LITTLE information about the boat decks, what the rooms looked like and what to expect. I searched everywhere online and Pinterest and found little information that was helpful.

So here we go. Here’s what you’ve been looking for; what’s actually on the ship and what to expect.

Let’s start from the beginning: PARKING.

If you are planning on parking your personal car at the parking garage at port, it can be VERY PRICEY. Your best bet? Take a rental car for the day, drive it there, drop it off and pick up a new rental car when you get back to port. Your second option? Take an Uber or taxi service. Trust me this will save you a LOT of money. Parking in the garage can cost up to $50 a day (for seven days) OR you can Uber for $100 per trip ORRRRR you can just pick yourself up a rental car for $50 per trip.

Let’s do an overview: WHAT THE HECK IS ON EACH DECK

Deck #16: The Wind Jammer (Main Buffet-Style Dinning Room), basically serving food all day from 6:30AM to 11PM. On the adjacent side is the Solarium (no kids under 16 are allowed in this area, so it’s a nice quiet place to sun bathe or read). The Solarium also features a full dinner (for Diamond Club Members) AND several whirlpool hot tubs. My favorite spot? Right outside the Solarium is two infinity whirlpools overlooking the ocean. Two VERY WINDY walkways connect the Solarium to the Wind Jammer.

Deck #15: Regular pool, “beach style” pool and the Kiddie Splash Area. There are also two towel stations on either side of this deck. Be sure to return your towels to avoid a $30 fee. There’s also a small smoking area on just one side. This deck also features the Teen only area, Mini Golf (which was kind of dirty and gross – if I’m being honest), the “Wipe Out Diner” (serving burgers/hot dogs for lunch and more importantly where the soft serve ice cream machines are). There’s also always serious lines for the ping pong tables? Seriously.

Deck #14: Kids arcade, Cardroom (filled with generic board games) and staterooms

Deck #12: Staterooms. You can avoid this deck if your room isn’t on this floor.

Deck #11: Diamond Club called “Wonderland” for Royal Caribbean Diamond Club members only. Oh AND the library is on this floor, with a  surprisingly good collection of books that you check out on the honor system.

Deck #10: More staterooms

Deck #9: The Dazzle Club! Here’s where they host all of the dance class activities AND live music at night. You can also find my favorite spot on this deck, Central Park! Central Park is lined with shops and fine dinning on either side. Our favorite thing to do on the ship at night? Central Park at night, we’d snag a seat to watch live musicians play underneath the twinkling lights 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Deck #8: More Staterooms

Deck #7: Even more staterooms AND the entrance to the Rock climbing wall

Deck #6: The SPA, Fitness Center and more staterooms

Deck #5: The Opal Theatre (during cruising days, you can check out 3D Movies here! We got to see Wonderwoman!). You can also find the main shopping district on this deck along with the Starbucks, Champagne Bar and the Main Dinning Room >>> Be sure to make your Dinning Room Reservations AS SOON AS you book your trip; they are a BIT picky about reservations.

(Last day of cruising I decided to take photos for this exact article. You can see after walking 15 decks, I started getting a little light on the photos. Just being honest 😹)

Deck #4: The Ice Skating Rink, Casino (Yes, they have a non-smoking section too!), Comedy Club, Live Jazz Theatre and the first floor entrance to the Opal Theatre.

Deck #3: Conference Rooms and even morrrrree staterooms.

Staterooms: Our room with a view

We’ve cruised before and we’ve always felt closed in by our room. We’ve stayed in an inside room with no window, we’ve stayed in a state room with an ocean view window and this time we stayed in a Stateroom with a balcony viewing the ocean > let me tell you this made all the difference.

There was honestly nothing better then being fulled exhausted from a day at port and coming back to our room for a nap. We had perfect 70 degree cool weather and we napped with the door open. We also got to see some of the most incredible sunsets and sunrises.

Pay the extra money. Just upgrade to a Stateroom with a balcony. Trust me.

Yes I’m that weirdo that brings my own blankets and sheets 🤷🏻‍♀️

(There are also options on this particular ship to have a balcony facing inwards overlooking Central Park or the Boardwalk. These rooms have little privacy, but an excellent view of shows AND they even offer special incentives for those guests staying in these inward facing rooms)

Overall: The rooms have a decent sized bathroom with hooks on the door for your toiletry bag. One single outlet area on the vanity with three plugs. Plenty of closet space to unpack and store your suitcases. We even had a decent sized living room space with couch, coffee table and TV.

Quick Tips, Facts and Fun Things to Do Around the Ship 🚢 

  1. Grab a lanyard & make sure it has pockets. I wore my lanyard the entire trip; tucking away my husband and my driver’s license along with our Seapass Cards. You can even store away cash or a debit card to use at port. Organized and hands free 👋F828512D-B48F-4951-82FB-46877786EBDA.jpeg
  2. Check out everything they have aboard the ship. My first suggestion for an activity to do on “Cruise Day,” check out all of the unique art. Art is hung in each of the stairwells with small captions to read about the artists. Second? Be sure to as Guest Service about the scavenger hunt on the boat and pick up the list of locations. The scavenger hunt is all 34 of these (image below) binoculars, filled with educational sea life and historical artifacts. The scavenger hunt is also a great way to spend your first day cruising, getting to know the boat!5C562680-2C80-4417-BF2F-8340A0F63DAD.jpeg
  3. Whats included with the soda drink package? Coke Free Style (which is gross). You can ask any bar tender or waiter and they can fill your cup with soda from the bar #protip8F08CFCB-C412-419B-8332-167B8EF236D1
  4. Coffee and Tea stations are placed throughout the boat, basically on any public level. But the Starbucks is located on Deck #5 and they DO NOT accept Starbucks “Free Drink Rewards.” But you can gain points.B3DEDAD5-4738-4042-AC02-95BA9FA6BDFB.jpeg
  5. Want to still catch the live music in Central Park? There are four free umbrella stations on each of the entrances to the park.
  6. The Solarium also has free, open to everyone breakfast with 1/4 of the wait.
  7. If you aren’t into carrying your phone around, you can grab a free paper map at Guest Services that includes all of the deck information. D9CF3FAD-6D6A-4067-AF09-530064C02478.jpeg
  8. Each day they update all of the electronic information by the elevators on each floor. These have GREAT information on them; from the weather, trip information and even general map information!

And that’s basically it! Everything you really need to know about cruising on the Oasis of the Seas! Have you ever been on this cruise ship before? What are your pro tips? I’d love to hear about them below!


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