Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Orange County Regional History Center

This has been on my must-do list for a while: The Orange County Regional History Center! Absolutely the best (mostly free) thing to do this week > put this on your list! Check out their website here.

Park across the street from the Orlando Downtown Library. Parking cost us $4 for the three hours that we were at the museum. Take a short 5 minute walk towards the left of the Orlando Downtown Library, you’ll see the Orlando History museum on your right.

Below is the ticketing information. There hours vary throughout the week and they are rarely busy (according to the staff). We visited on a Saturday morning at open and had the entire museum to ourselves. To save even more money, be sure to visit on Bank of America Card Holder Free Days > see the full list of free museums and dates here.


The tip from the receptionist: Start off on the fourth floor and work your way back down. The History Center is actually in the original Orlando Courthouse, so you’ll see a lot of the old architecture AND they have a full old set up of a courtroom!! OK GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF. I LOVE MUSEUMS

The museum starts off with a general “how we all got here” history, from the first settlers living in cabins to our tourism expansion. Second floor introduces Disney and tourism, how we got here today. Then the thing we got here to see? The current exhibit: Things Come Apart. Its exactly what it sounds like, an artist took a part stuff and took incredibly satisfying pictures of it.


Even after a 27 years of living in driving distance of Orlando, this was the very first time I visited the History Musuem and let me tell you, we will be back! There are so many fun things to do around Orlando, that don’t include going to theme parks, what’s your favorite Orlando weekend activity? I’d love to hear about it below!


Also – can we just appreciate the incredible murals that are downtown too? This spot is located right on the Downtown Orlando Library 😍😍 I’m thinking a “Best Instagram Spots in Orlando” article is a must. Be sure to check out all of my latest weekend activity inspiration by clicking this link. Or check out some of more exciting travel inspiration here too!


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7 thoughts on “Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : Orange County Regional History Center

  1. Relate to living close to local attractions yet have not visited…why do you suppose that is? Sounds like a great place to visit and the tip to start at the top is brilliant.

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