Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : A Scenic Boat Tour in Winter Park, Florida

Each weekend when my husband and I have our “date day” we take suggestions from locals or tour guides on what we should do and we have at it! The weekend before we were at the Orlando History Museum and got a suggestion to check out the Scenic Boat Tour in Winter Park – so here we are Sunday morning checking out the place. (AND we got so many more suggestions of places to check out next weekend, so stay tuned for that too).

A little background about the place. Parking is crap, so get there about 30-45 minutes before the docks open. There is plenty of free public parking throughout downtown Winter Park, but you will just need to get there early enough to find a decent shaded spot. Tickets are $14 per person (here’s the link to their site for more information). You can get your tickets online OR pick them up at the dock – but they only accept cash. Lines start to form VERY QUICKLY. So if you are going to go, be there 30-45 minutes before they open. They open up at 10AM, close at 4PM and the tours last about an hour.



Piling into the small boat, we got great seats in the front row. Don’t worry too much about hearing the tour guide speak, there are plenty of speakers throughout the boat. Just remember you will be on the boat for about an hour, so feel free to bring drinks or a light snack. (Of course we picked up Starbucks before hand).

We got lucky with a great tour guide, who gave us all of the background history of the homes that surround the lake along with al of the natural habitants of the area – names of plants and wildlife. It was incredibly informative!

The best views though, were floating down these original “lumber” canals and seeing these beautiful bridges above. If you are a wildlife or bird junkie (like myself) we did get to see two nesting ospreys, gulls AND some blue heron ♥️🦆


I did end up wearing this giant floppy hat (HUGE mistake on a boat), but overall the weather was absolutely perfect. I do recommend lathering up the sunscreen before hand though! From the tour guide, we got some pretty great suggestions on more things to check out in Winter Park for next weekend. Winter Park, Florida is one of the best places to visi in Florida in my opinion. If you are looking for cobble streets and that old-timey feel, it’s the perfect spot to be ☺️


Have you ever been to Winter Park? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! As always I’m up for suggestions on places we should check out next! Be sure to follow us on all of your favorite social media sites, I’ll be posting a bunch of #weekendinspo photos!

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7 thoughts on “Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : A Scenic Boat Tour in Winter Park, Florida

  1. I have been wanting to kayak the Venetian style canals for so long, but trying to find a self-guided tour is tough and expensive. This would be a great way to finally see them and get a history lesson at the same time. Thank you for the tips!

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  2. Thanks for the tip on parking. We are going to Winter Park next month for an anniversary get away. Looking forward to the canal ride, the Morse Museum and the Raptor Center in Maitland. I’ll be sure to take binoculars for the birds.

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