DIY : Lambs Ear Spring Wreath

 Morning readers 👋👋

I finally had a day off this weekend (🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻) just to catch up on my (ever growing) pile of crafts. This weekend I was inspired by yet another Pinterest article and just had to try out the craft myself. I made this beautiful eucalyptus spring wreath for just under $25!

Here’s the shopping list:

Let’s just jump right into the tutorial! Just to preface this, Tinsel was being EXTREMLY needy while trying to take photos of this project; she kept climbing in my lap and bringing me “offerings” (aka her giant plush flamingo). So you might see a few Tinsel or Mr. Giant Plush Flamingo cameos ♥️🐶

First I laid out all of my supplies. I don’t know why, but crafting on my living room floor where I can really stretch out is much easier then cramming everything onto our dinging room table. I used a bit of the lamb’s ear from a previous project which you can check out here.


I then started to pull apart the lambs ear off of the main stem. Place those smaller bits directly into the wreath, weaving them into it. Place a small dab of hot glue onto the stems, just to secure them.


Work in around the wreath, layering piece by piece. Then layer in the roses (trimming the excess stems). Take your time and really play with the wreath stems, making sure everything is tucked in and glued down well.

(Stop for hug breaks too)

Make sure to really glue everything into place. Living in Florida, we are prone to extreme weather so our outdoor wreaths need to be wind and storm proof. You can even opt for tying each piece with floral wire just to be sure – but hot glue works just fine.


That’s just about it! A very simple, but beautiful Spring wreath that will easily transition into the Summer months too. I would love to see how your wreaths turn out in the comments below, if you do have any questions or if I missed any steps feel free to leave me a comment! Thank you as always for reading! Be sure to follow Tinsel and I on Instagram to see all of our craft projects!


Always helping 😂

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