Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : From Your Couch

10 Best At-Home Date Night Ideas! Yes from your couch!

Each Friday I fill your inboxes with the wildest (OK not wildest) but most fun date night ideas – from local art exhibits to farmers markets. To be completely honest, there are sooooo many weekends where I really don’t do anything at all. Let me tell you about just a few date night ideas that you don’t have to take off your LulaRoe Leggings for 😏

  • Now this takes a little preparation, but I promise you can find most of these items on Amazon Prime. Here’s the idea: Preorder decorations to go with a certain country or theme and order food to match it. Make it a “Themed Dinner Night At Home.” (Example: Host your very own Luau with grass skirts and yummy pulled Hawaiian pork). Use this date night idea and envolve the kids, it’s a great way to add a bit more culture!
  • Be a kid again and make a sheet fort. We love moving all the furniture out of our living room and making sheet forts. Make an entire night of it: rent a movie, make s’mores over the stove and string beautiful cafe lights. I know growing up it was as bit taboo to rent movies on a TV: but really look into it – rent a movie for $1-$5 and it saves you the cost/hassle of going to a movie theatre 
  • Breakfast in bed. Sometimes we make a pact to not leave our bed for the day. We order fancy breakfast in (mostly bagels and tea) and we binge watch Netflix. Check out what I’m binge watching right now here. 
  • Clean! Ok so. my husband and I are a BIT particular on our home; we love to keep everything organized and well kept. BUT we do have some pretty scary junk drawers – we like to tackle these projects on weekends when we  absolutely have nothing better to do
  • Bake something! Then bring those treats into work on Monday! (Double bonus points!) Jell-O Creations Dessert Kit Beach Cups 6 Servings per Kit (Pack of 6 Kits)“>Check these cute jello cups to make with the kids!
  • This is silly. But turn the AC down #treatyourselftoanap Hey I got priorities 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • Pick up a hobby together. Or if you are like me, force your husband to help you with yours. (Here are the cliff notes: I bought this sewing machine in hopes of making ADORABLE zipper pouches and have ZERO knowledge on how to make this silly thing work…. SO my husband has so graciously offered – after much whining – to help me with my project). 
  • Puzzles. Ok, we as adults of our early thirties, had no idea just how fun puzzles can be! SO boring but so fun! Melissa & Doug 1,000-Piece Knock Knock Doorways Jigsaw Puzzle (29 x 23 inches)“>Here’s a link to the one I’m working on now!
  • Meditation and yoga: exercise together. I just recently got my husband on board with joining me for yoga and meditation before bed. I’m an avid yogi so it’s nice when my husband joins in! 
  • Board games. If you didn’t already know this,  but my husband has QUITE the collection of table top games. We love to have friends over for dinner and to play! #familygamenight
  • Go for a walk with your spouse and pup to get precious “Rolly Grass Zoomie” pictures like this one 👇🏻👇🏻 We love taking our pup for a night stroll when we get home from work. It let’s us catch up from our day at work and just unwind. (Tinsel also works very hard while we are at work, she defiantly needs an unwinding walk 😉😉).


What do you and your spouse do on the weekends when you absolutely do not want to go out? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Thank you as always for reading! Be sure to check out all of my other date night OR things to do during the weekend articles here! 

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