Life Hack : Habits of Highly Successful People That You Can Start Today

There’s so much pressure now to eat healthy, get exercise, take care of your home, spend time with your spouse/kids/pets AND to balance it all while working a full time (or like me TWO full time jobs). This whole “work-life balance” shenanigan. 

My husband and I always tease each other and call this the “participation point challenge.” Starting of the day with 100 points and marking off points for having to basically participate in life. (I.E. Walking the Dog -25 points). We joke that honestly I end far up in the red each day. We find it amusing to laugh about our stressful day over a shared bottle of wine 😂😂 

I’m by NO MEANS a morning person. But here are somethings I’ve learned over the years that help me feel like I’m at least getting most of that first list accomplished: Exercise, Eat Healthy, Spending Time with Spouse/Pets AND have a clean home. I tell myself everyday when I roll out of bed at the ASS CRACK of dawn >>

“If I do this. If I really really do this. I get everything done. Then after work, when I come home, I’m going to treat myself to a long hot bath and Netflix.”

The “treat myself to….” changes every morning. From Starbucks, to there’s chocolate on the counter in the Kitchen for god sake just get out of bed. 

What I do at night to make a better morning

  1. Make a bottle of water and leave it in the fridge. Here’s the link my current bottle!
  2. Pick up your house: Straighten couch throw pillows, vacuum if you need to, start the dishwasher, start a load of wash Etc. Make everything “company clean” if you will
  3. Pre-pack your lunches. We like to do this on Sundays after grocery shopping, but the night before works too. My go-to right now is grilled chicken and organic veggie pasta with raw spinach. I love these meal prep containers on Amazon!
  4. Layout your work clothes. Pick out an entire outfit, shoes and all. I like to keep labeled week bins in my closet. Done with the wash? Pick out your outfit and throw it into a labeled “Monday” bin. I use these bins for my closet, find something that works for you too! 
  5. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a “drop location” at the front door. Ours is a small dish on our kitchen bar: use this to lay down your work badges, car keys, wallets, wedding rings etc. I picked up an antique glass dish for ours, but you can use something like this too! 


Now for the fun part: Squeezing absolutely everything in before going to work. What I do in the morning 

  1. Wake up and chug a glass of water. Get a jump start on good health and start off hydrated!
  2. Grab that bottle of water, leash up your pup and go for a walk. We aim for about a 1-2 mile walk for about 30-45 minutes. 
  3. Get back to the house and take a shower. Even if I shower at night, I like to take a cold water rinse in the morning. Check out this morning boost face wash!
  4. Have a cup of tea and get dressed. I use this as my meditation quiet time. Applying make up, doing my hair and sipping on my favorite teas. Right now I’m completely OBSESSED with this Tazo Tea but you can check out all of my favorites in this article here!
  5. Feed everyone (pets/kids) and feed yourself. For breakfast I normally grab a banana or apple and chug a soy Carnation Instant Breakfast strawberry is my FAVE.
  6. Start a crockpot meal for your dinner: We normally just do raw veggies (whatever’s in season), chicken breasts and a little bit of low sodium organic vegetable broth. Set this on low and leave it! Dinner will be ready for you when you get home! Here’s the link to our current crockpot, if you are looking to purchase one! 

We head out for work around 7:10-7:15am, grab Starbucks on our drive and I ALWAYS take the longer walk to my office (adding another 1 mile walk to my day). My husband and I are lucky enough to work the same shifts AND at the same job location,; it’s our “us time” during the long work week > Stopping at our favorite Starbucks and chatting about work. 


Keeping the momentum up during the day 

  1. I find thirty minutes in my morning and do yoga in my office. I know it sounds silly, but close the door or find a quiet patch of grass outside and stretch. Trust me no one is looking at you because they are laughing, they are looking because they want to join in 😏 Heck, while your at it start a yoga group at your office (bonus points). If you are looking to purchase a yoga mat, here’s a link to my favorite one! I have this friend for years and could not live without it! (Thick enough to keep my wrists from hurting 🙌🏻🙌🏻)
  2. Use your Apple Watch and set a timer for every two hours and force yourself to eat something. I have a “snack bin” on my desk, not in a drawer, but physically on the top of my desk. Timer goes off, I grab something out of it. (Pack your box with kids organic apple sauce packs, pirates booty, fruits etc)
  3. Take a walk during lunch. I just recently downloaded the Calm app and have been taking a 30 minute walking meditation during my lunch hour. 
  4. Text with your husband. It’s not all about eating right during the day and getting your steps in, it’s about having a good relationship with your spouse too! We don’t chat much, BUT we do love to send ridiculous memes back and forth.
  5. I get home and I don’t let myself just flop onto the couch (not yet at least). I take our pup for another walk, this time just a short loop to our mail box (just under a mile) and back. (Walking dog = tired dog = Chelsie gets to sleep at night without being woken up by squeaky toys and wet noses)

Now get home, shower and realize that you did all of this work. 

The next three-four hours I get to do absolutely NOTHING. Dinner is done, house is cleaned, I don’t need to go to the gym, dog is walked. I know jus slip into my favorite LulaRoe leggings, put my feet up and Netflix binge until I can’t binge no-mo! 🙈

Whats your daily schedule look like? Something similar? I would love to hear about your day in the comments below or on our Facebook Community Page here! Thank you again for reading! 😘😘😘

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