Exploring the Orlando Neighborhood : 25 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

My Favorite Things to Do For Summer! You NEED to add some of these to your summer bucket list too! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER! My husband and I live in Florida, so it’s summer all year round; but there are a few traditions we keep just for the actual summer months and here they are! 

  1. Picnics! Find a local park and pack-in a lunch. If you are in the Orlando area > check out Kissimmee Lake Front Park. Newly remolded we love strolling the lakefront at night!
  2. Kite Flying! (When it’s not raining). While you are at Kissimmee Lake Front Park 😏
  3. Hiking but only short trips, since the weather can be too hot! Here are a few of my favorite short trails!
  4. Garden Festivals. Check out my Leu Gardens article here! 
  5. Speaking of festivals, we love to visit local farmers markets! Check out this new market in Winter Garden
  6. Go for a walk at a local parkD9C52831-233E-4761-9FA2-38021E8FAEC5
  7. When we are stuck inside for a rainy day, we love to work on our hobbies. You can see my most recent crafty DIY post here! My husband runs his own board gaming blog here! His hobbies include collecting, sorting and playing table top games (his collection is pretty neat!)
  8. Spend the day out of the heat and binge Netflix for the entire day. Here’s a list of my favorite shows!
  9. Explore a new ice cream or frozen yogurt shop!
  10. Do a little online shopping! 
  11. Plant a garden. Check out my patio garden for some inspo here! 
  12. Re-decorate a room
  13. It might be too hot out during the day, so find a local tour to do at night! Check out free ghost tours in your town!3967E49E-567E-4F06-84CF-D743209F6E18
  14. Visit a sunflower festival. Check out my favorite local farm here!
  15. Do anything in the water. Rent a boat, kayak or canoe and hit up a local hotspot! I personally love kayaking > check out this great paddling trail here
  16. Visit a nursery and buy some new plants! I love to collect different types of cacti! 
  17. Visit a local pool or spend they day in your own. (Check out my favorite pool floaty here!)
  18. Take a Nap! Heck, make a full day of and snuggle up in silk jammies and never leave bed.
  19. Get sick off of Java Chip Frappachinos at Starbucks
  20. Beat the heat and go ice skating at your local rink
  21. See a movie or two at your local theatre 
  22. While your at it, check out a local play! Summer theatre schedules in Orlando are always PACKED! 

What are you favorite things to do during summer? I would love to hear about them below (and add some more things to my own list!) Thank you all for reading as always! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all of our weekend adventures! 😘


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