Woman Crush Wednesday : Diving into the life of the woman behind “Modern Dating 101”

Is this crazy or what > this is my very first time interviewing another blogger! Not only just a blogger, but the creator of Modern Dating 101! I am so incredibly honored to get to interview this blogger and share her story with you!

So let’s jump right into the interview!

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Surprisingly this is my first time interviewing another blogger! Tell us about you and your blog!

I’m the first blogger interview! I am honoured ❤ yay! 🙂

I’m a single mama of 3. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada in the Niagara Region, about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls. I’ve been here for 14 years and absolutely love it. I grew up as somewhat as a gypsy and I was always moving from place to place and never really laying any roots. When I started to grow and develop my own family, I made a commitment to myself and my kids that I would give them consistency, stability, and the opportunity to set roots and build lifelong relationships. 

I work full-time in an administrative role and I run a blog about life, love, relationships, motherhood, and my experiences around building my business. I also recently opened an online boutique, which I am super pumped about.

How did you get started writing? What inspires you to keep pushing forward?

I’ve always been a writer at heart. I started writing when I was in grade school. I was bullied a lot and had a very tumultuous childhood, and terrible anxiety. One of my counselors at the time suggested that I start journaling as a way to unload the thoughts in my head. I did this for many years. It helped me tremendously. I stopped writing over the last few years, but recently started back up again. I use writing as a means to keep my creativity flowing. Being able to release feelings through my words helps to alleviate a lot of inner turmoil and stress. I get stuck in my head a lot and have a hard time expressing myself otherwise, so writing helps keep me in balance and my brain in check. Writing is a great form of therapy!

This interview series is all about inspiring women. What woman inspires you?

I have so many women in my life that inspire me. I’ve made a conscious effort over the last few years of my life to surround myself with positive, inspiring, and uplifting women. In doing so, I have managed to create a nice tribe of powerful women that are moving mountains and busting ceilings with what they do.  I have a friend who left her high-paying government job to open a gluten-free bakery in the city here. She jumped in with both feet and she showed up for her dreams and she just keeps knocking it out of the park. Watching her grow and develop not just as a business woman, but as a person, has been incredibly inspiring for me. To see one of your greatest friends succeed so well at doing what she loves is enough to keep anyone moving forward.

Besides working on your blog, what are your other hobbies? 

My kids, does that count? haha I doubt it, but for real. My kids are my life. They are the reason I do what I do and why I am so determined to create a successful business. As a single mom, life is tough, but that doesn’t stop me, it fuels me. I want them to be able to look back on life when times get tough for them and think, damn, if Mom could do all that she did ON HER OWN, then I can do this myself too. Other than spending every possible moment with my kids and my blog, I try to get on my yoga mat as much as possible. If writing is my counselor, yoga is my therapist. They both keep me balanced and sane.

How do you balance your work and life? Are there any tips you’d like too share with the readers?

Seeing as I am pretty new to the whole blogging world, balance has been a bit of a slippery slope. I was working a part-time job on top pf my full-time job, but I recently let that go so I could focus more of my energy and attention on creating better content. Spending quality time with my kids is of the utmost importance to me, obviously. They know and understand that I have to work while we are together, but I do my best to limit my engagement with work until they go to bed. Generally this means later nights for me, but it is what it is. 
Schedulers and auto-posters have helped significantly in keeping active on social media without actually BEING active and ON all the time. I use Tailwind for my Pinterest account. Instagram is generally more of a manual post because I am not entirely ready to pass that control over to a scheduler just yet. 
I am working on creating an actual schedule to keep me on track so I am not as all over the place. I generally post on my blog on Thursday’s and Sunday’s because I have time in those evenings to write undisturbed. I dedicate the evenings my kids are with their Dad to scheduling as many posts as possible and getting a forecast of what I will be writing about  in coming days.

 What would be your ideal future? What would you like to see your business grow into?

I have set the intention to replace my full-time income with my part-time hustle by summer 2018. My goal is to be able to spend more time at home with my family. As you may have noticed, my kids are my life so being there for them whenever they need me is my priority. As of right now, I work away from the home 40+ hours a week and my schedule is not flexible so I miss a lot of their school events, awards, sick days, etc. My mom has been a big help for me as she is there to help them out and be there for them when I can’t, but I feel like I need to be there with them. I recently started an online fashion boutique as well, so I hope to be able to write and run my shop from home and start travelling later this year. Ideally, I’d like to create an empire that I can one day hand down to my kids, should they want it, but more importantly I want it to be able to not only support our life, but also allow us to live out our dreams. I want to be able to travel the world and show my kids all the amazing stuff there is to see on our beautiful planet.

What advice would you give other women starting their own businesses?

Just do it. You will never be entirely “ready.”  There will always be something else that will pop up and take priority. There will ALWAYS be something else. You already have all the information you need right now to get started, you can learn the rest along the way. Trust me, you will NEVER know it all. When I started writing I was bombarded with information that I didn’t even know that I should know and that was ok! It was overwhelming at first, of course, but I managed and I am still managing. I read through and watched what I can, I take what I need and I file the rest away. As an online entrepreneur, things are constantly changing from algorithm to terms, trends, platforms, etc. Don’t be afraid to jump in and get dirty. You will not get it all right the first time and you shouldn’t expect that all will be perfect in the beginning because it won’t be. It will be messy and dirty and you will screw up, but as long as you are open to learn and be guided, you will be just fine. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

Tell us a funny fact about yourself!

Fun fact about me… I’m a serial entrepreneur. I can’t sit still for too long or I get anxious. I need to keep learning and keep my mind active. I’m a self-help junkie. I’m addicted to audiobooks and podcasts, lol.

Let’s finish this off with your favorite inspirational quote! 

I have so many inspirational quotes that help me get through my days… My vocabulary revolves around sarcasm, quotes and laughter. I’ll give you a couple and you can take which ones you like the best 😉
“Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind won’t matter.” Dr. Seuss
“we are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.” Rumi
“If you aren’t in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in your feedback.” Brene Brown
(I kept them all because I loved them  😏)

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